Friday, January 16, 2009

Off The Air Currently!!!!!!!!!

Let begin this feature with Bangladesh Betar's Domestic Service shortwave transmission on 4750kHz: Yes, I've noted the fact that no transmission of Bangladesh Betar's Domestic Service is audible for several weeks. And instead a Chinese Radio station can be heard here.I thought it is due to poor progagation & also perhaps for some annual reparing etc the transmission was off the air.Thanks for the update of Dr Supratik Sanatani & contacting Senior Engineer, RRC,BB, Dhaka & informing us about the fact.

VOA Urdu via Shortwave::
I was also wondering why VOA Urdu was not heard via shortwave for many days.And also fearing the wrost ......surely thanks for Alokesh's post about DX Asia's Post about VOA Urdu again back to Medium wave only & partially tallying with my fear.I used to tune into VOA Urdu via Shortwave for nearly over two decades along with VOA Hindi & VOA Bangla besides VOA English & VOA Special English. And I'm wondering what VOA is planning to do with South Asian Languages.....They closed VOA Hindi's radio transmission.Sometime they stopped airing VOA Urdu via shortwave & only airing via Medium Wave only. And then they resumed shortwave transmission of VOA Urdu. And now again they stopped via shortwave & only goes on air via Medium wave only.

DXing With Cumbre ,World Harvest Radio English via Angel 3 Transmitter in Hawai Islands perhaps:
Perhaps for several months, I've not heard this station in A08 season due to poor propagation conditions, but now in B08 season I guess main reason for not being able to listen this DX Programme i.e. DXing With Cumbre Angel 3 Transmitter of World Harvest Radio or any other transmission in English via it. As usually, World Harvest Radio Trasmission to Asia are transmitted via this transmission.I've also found no transmission of DXing With Cumbre via Angel 3 Transmitter of World Harvest Radio is listed as far as skd. of DXing With Cumbre via World Harvest Radio released a few months back.Please check & confirm.

Radio Kuwait English on 15110kHz from 0500 to upto 0800UTC perhaps.
I've not heard any Radio Kuwait in English on 15110kHz from 0500UTC onwards for past several weeks.The channel remains blank. And also you can hear Radio Pakistan's QRM slightly sometime from 15100kHz.

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Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):

Receiver:Grundig YB400 (Digital)
Antenna:Long Wire

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