Saturday, March 14, 2009

List of A Few AIR Stations on Medium Wave Logged

Here is a few All India Stations that I logged & I could identify by listening to their station identifcation announcement during night recently.
AIR Rewa on 1179kHz
AIR Raipur on 981kHz
AIR Jabbalpur on 801kHz
AIR Darbanga on 1296kHz
AIR Najiababad 954kHz
AIR Bhabanipurpatna on 1206kHz
AIR Bhagalpur on 1458kHz
AIR Sambalpur on 945kHz
AIR Cuttak A on 972kHz
AIR Jeypore on 1467kHz
AIR Allahabad on 1026kHz
AIR Varanashi A on 1242kHz
AIR Uttarkashi on 1602kHz
AIR Lucknow A on 747kHz
AIR Vijaywada A on 837kHz
AIR Kolkata A on 657kHz
AIR Kolkata B on 1008kHz
AIR Siliguri on 711kHz
And a few AIR radio stations of my region that can be heard here on medium wave in my place.....
AIR Dibrugarh on 567kHz
AIR Guwahat B on 1035kHz
AIR Guwahat A on 729kHz
AIR Tezpur on 1125kHz
AIR Kokrajhar on 1512kHz (its the nearest AIR Radio Station from my place)
AIR Itanagar on 675kHz
AIR Tawang on 1521kHz (Best received station in the night mostly)
AIR Shillong on 864kHz
AIR Silchar on 828kHz
AIR Aizawl on 540kHz
AIR Imphal on 882kHz
AIR Kohima on 639kHz
AIR Gangtok on 1404kHz
More details log plus monitoring reports plus audio files soon.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)
Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):
Receiver:Grundig YB400 (Digital Readout)
Antenna:Long Wire

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