Saturday, April 25, 2009

Assamese In A09 etc

Here is a time & freqency schedule of a few international radio stations (all are Christian reglious station) broadcasting in Assamese in A09 Season of international broadcasting effective from March 29,2009 to October 25,2009.
Adventist World Radio (AWR) on 15275kHz from 1330 to 1400UTC
on sunday & wednesday only via KSDA Agat Guam (100kW) .
Trans World Radio (TWR) on 12075kHz from monday to friday from 1330 to 1400UTC
via KTWR Agana Guam (100kW)
& on 12075kHz from 1330 to 1345UTC
on sunday via via KTWR Agana Guam (100kW)
Gospel for Asia broadcasts on 6040kHz via Dhabbaya UAE (250kW) from 2345 to 2400 UTC
on monday & tuesday.

Family Radio, another Christian Religious Radio Station may begin Assamese Broadcast in future.
As far as my memory goes then Radio Moscow now Voice Of Russia was so far the only major broadcasting organisation other than those Christian reglious stations to broadcast an Assamese Langguage broadcast. Perhaps it used to broadcast 15 minutes daily transmission from 1230UTC i.e. 6.00PM IST.It was discontinued in early 1990s.I still remember listening to then Radio Moscow in Assamese perhaps in late 1980s & early 1990s. And I heard the voice of Late .Nasiur Rahman, a famous Assamese News Reader with All India Radio Delhi , after retiring from his job in AIR , he went to Moscow to revive Radio Moscow in Assamese. I heard his voice in Assamese via Radio Moscow. He also used to present news & current affairs programmes etc in Bengali Section also. I heard his voice several time while listening to Bengali Section. But after sometime, the Assamese broadcast was discontinued. Late Nasiur Rahman worked in the Bengali section for a while after closer of the Assamese section before returning to India. Now this year from March 28th, even the long lasting Bengali, Urdu along with several language services has been discontinued by Voice Of Russia via shortwave & medium wave.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma (GK)
Abhayapuri(Assam) (India)

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