Tuesday, September 29, 2009

9/21 Earthquake As I felt

It was a moderately strong earthquake that struck around 0855UTC perhaps.I was listening to BBCWS's Sports Roundup on 15310kHz on Sept. 21st.Its epicentre was in Mongor District of Bhutan. It was like Sinewave type..low strength..at first..them suddenly a big surge ..then..low
intensity...for a while..perhaps..for nearly a minute for the entire earthquake..& the quaking was there after a while...There were several earthquakes of different intensity that were felt in the region within a month with epicentre ranging from Anadaman Nicorbar Island range from August 11th ..& .then in Burma-Manipur Border.plus other regions as epicentre ..etc were felt here in North-east specially in Assam. I felt the night earthquake at August 11th plus the one at around 0855UTC on 09/21 only.
In Guwahati, the one at 0855UTC on 09/21 created panic..& cracks plus slight leaning of some flats etc appeared..as flashed after a while in various TV News Channels ..My brother, Rupam was in office near Downtown Hospital Dispur..it was a two storey building ..he came out
quickly..after a while around 0910UTC he called us at the mobile about its impacts..Then immediately checked Bhutan Broadcasting Service , Bhutan on 6035kHz & 90.00MHz...&
regular Nepali Programme was going on...Later time to time

I was checking all the National News Channels of DD plus other news channels like NDTV,Zee News, India TV..Bengali ones E-TV Bengali News..Akas News...& surprised to note it was felt in all North Bengal Areas...Siliguri, Malda..as far as away in Kolkata plus also Dhaka,Bangladesh
...Arunachal Pradesh's Tawang ...in the opposite side ...also in Lasha..in Tibet's capital ..
Later another earthquake was felt along Sikkim..Uttrarkand areas...& also two aftershocks..of that first earthquake was felt around 0910UTC plus around 1940UTC in Guwahati &
some areas ...But I didn't find its trace though I was awoke that time i.e. 1940UTC..Rupam also mentioned he was also working in his room at late at night as per UTC time
etc..he also couldn't feel it in Guwahati.. As newsreports pouring in..later ..in the late afternoon...reported death etc plus destruction of houses plus bridges etc reported..in Mungor District of Bhutan..BBC Hindi aired special dispatch with Subir Bhoumick from Kolkata..with
backgrounds of earthquake in then Assam..as far as wayback in 1897,1950..etc etc...& panic in the region etc...during BBC Hindi's 1700-1730UTC trax..on 7435kHz..& also saw all reports of various News Channels of TV till early morning hours.

You can find all the latest earthquake details i.e. their strength,epicentre etc around the world..via perhaps Geological Survey of USA site..
http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqcenter/ Now its time for all High Risk Earthquake Zone Areas to prepare ourself for such natural calamities & also encourage Amateur Radio Activities plus promote the hobby of Amateur Radio Activities ....& Amateur Radio courses plus beginning of taking examinations in every capital states of NE Regions plus giving adequate trainings plus
set up of Amateur Radio Stations in every District HQ plus Sub-Divisional HQ..plus in set up of Amateur Radio Clubs of interested persons etc should be encouraged & should be taken immediately...And also there should be repeaters installed to boost signals of OMs making contacts with low powers within India...& ..I think overall...there should be a great effort to promote Amateur Radio Activities.As Amateur Radio Operators can take a great role in co-ordiating relief & rescue operations by setting up emergency communications after a natural calamity.We have to face the reality with courage & determination..
Fortune favours the brave!!!
God Helps Us All!!!

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)
Abhayapuri(Assam) (India)

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