Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Total Solar Elipse On July 22, 2009

The weather was cloudy (after last night rain) no trace of sunlight i.e.sun shine or sun that time .But around 0056 UTC onwards for three minutes or so, there was total darkness here and around 0102UTC again normal process of gaining light has begun.It was a historic occasion to me....We never wintess total darkness here in Assam during Solar Elipse in our life time.This is memorable event for me.
As per Radio Bands during total solar elipse....here...I was ready right from the 2300UTC onwards & started monitoring all the bands i.e.MW,SW,SSBs, Long Wave, FM but I had to disappointed you with my Radio Monitoring Inputs..with not a such superactive band activities on all bands i.e. .e.MW,SW,SSBs, Long Wave, FM during that period.However, I noted a Chinese Radio Station perhaps on 1377kHz with fair signal right from 2311UTC.However,some usual MW stations's weaker signal signing on could be heard. I was very disapointed with poor band conditions as per MWs etc is concerned now-a-days.However, usual lower frequencies SW Bands like 41m, 31m 49m & 60m behaved as per usually as per my monitoring right from 2300UTC.But very sad that there is no such phenomen such as super activity during the Solar Elipse ....to report in my place.Yes, due to increase of ultra voilet rays presence in atmosphere (Ionspere part) during solar elipse, there is chance of better radio communications i.e. favourable propagation conditions for radio waves to travel long distance (due to reflection etc in Ionosphere) during the time of solar elipse...perhaps this time perhaps low sunspot activites in sun perhaps no such impact plus sudden booming of radio stations during solar elipse period.
And I switched on our front verandah light to mark the occasional of total darkness during total solar elipse period for atleast three minutes or so.And many passerbys auto rikshaws etc switched on their lights during that drakness period. A few cyclist had to halt their journery during that period.A few people also narrated their stories of near fall down from cycles etc
during total darkness. Luckily no serious incident took place.

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)
Abhayapuri(Assam) (India)

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