Monday, September 26, 2011

A Few Monitoring Updates

Here is a few monitoring inputs which I like to share with you.
For all monitorings...
Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):

Receiver:Grundig YB400 (Digital)
Antenna:Long Copper Wire as external antenna

They Are Back:
On September 25th, around 0126UTC onwards while checking All India Radio(AIR)-Kolkata on 4820kHz & AIR-Chennai on 4920kHz I found the signal of regional Chinese Radio Stations occupying both frequencies.The signal of mentioned AIR Stations could not be heard.There was Chinese Language transmission on 4920kHz & on 4820kHz there was transmission in perhaps Tibetan Language during that time.
I also heard Bangladesh Betar on 4750kHz around 0127UTC with good signal.There was a male voice in Bengali talking about eye lences.

ON 11710kHz on 09/24:
On 11710kHz Radio Veritas Asia(RVA) Bengali was facing strong co-channel interference from All India Radio(AIR) General Overseas Service-English transmission as I monitored around 0033UTC onwards.There was news in English read by OM followed by announcement by YL perhaps about News Commentary as far as I recall.But later monitoring around 0054UTC, I heard signal of RVA-Bengali was free from co-channel interference of AIR.Perhaps it was on different frequency ( technical problem)during 2245-0045 UTC AIR-GOS English transmission to NE Asia as per Jose Jacob's information sheet of AIR Skds the 25mb frequency should be 11645kHs ( 250kW) via Delhi (Khampur).
Again On 11710kHz around 0058UTC on 09/24:
I heard poor signal of Radio Argentina Exterior(RAE) with Interval Signal followed by station ID announcements as the case with RAE signing on with its station ID announcements in atleast by a male & female voice alternatively.But around 0100UTC Voice of America(VOA) English from 11705kHz via Thailand with strong signal caused severe interference as a form of side band splatter nothing audible as such.But monitoring for a while, I guess its their Japanese Language transmission.....!!!Recorded a few moments of audio file of RAE signing on ...with Interval Signal followed by station ID announcements

Radio Monitoring After the 9/18 Earthquake:
After the earthquake on September 18th(09/18) evening & life returning to normal mode here,electric power supply was restored , and checking Cable News Channels's Latest updates about the earthquake..I came to know about its strength & its epicentre etc, and around 1407UTC, I found AIR-Gangtok was off the air on 4835kHz & later during my several checking upto 1432UTC or so, I found All India Radio(AIR)-Gangtok still off the air on 4835kHz along with AIR-Kurseong was also off the air.But later around 1525UTC when I checked again, I found AIR-Gangtok on 4835kHz airing National News relay from AIR-Delhi with good signal & after that as far as I recall I heard News in English.But again further checking around 1600UTC,I didn't find any signal.I couldn't check AIR-Gangtok on 4835kHz on 09/19 morning as I overslept due to heavy rains plus no eletric power supply till noon as around 0200AM IST a tree fall in the eletric power supply cable & resulted a fault.Later in the night,I found AIR-Gangtok on 4835kHz as usual.And also on 09/20 morning I heard AIR-Gangtok on 4835kHz usually signing on around 0100UTC.
More Monitoring Updates soon.

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

Shaken Not Stirred

Let me inform you that an earthquake was felt in my home town ,Abhayapuri (in Bongaigaon District of Western Assam,Geographical Location of Abhayapuri:Longitude:26º18´20´´North,Latitude:90º37´50´´East) around 6.11PM IST i.e. 1241UTC or so on September 18th.I was just preparing with papers & pencil plus my tape recorder to monitor ALL Ireland Football Final broadcast of RTE Ireland via Sentech Relay perhaps on three frequencies i.e.17880,17500 & 7480kHz..from 1300UTC sitting on a mora (tool) just near my bed ..then suddenly I felt some mild shaking from bottom & then ignored it & then I felt again the same thing..then glanced at a plastic bottle with some water ..water movement..was like shaking by someone..I saw at the ceiling fan which was also running at the speed of 3 of 5 ..but suddenly came to my mind.. my friend's Alokesh's observation on a glass of water on his desk during an mild earthquake in his residence in Faridabad a few months back ..I realised ..that water movement couldn't be so due to the ceiling fan at such a ..EQ...and then came shaking in larger the time was ticking..I opened the door & went in the berandha...I heard hue & cry everywhere..outside & too much movement of cable & electrical wires outside...also the sound...I thought my parents went outside via backdoor..instead ..I heard my mother I opened the grill door berandha ..then electrical power supply went out perhaps as a precautionary measure..but I took my torchlight with me..I again moved into my room quickly...& took them via my room to front berandha..but after a while...the EQ was gone gradually...but the shaking was of large intensity..came from bottom part...not like rattling of doors happened earlier occasions. Thank God!!! .no damage our campus. & others But I was sure somewhere it would surely cause heavy I felt during that time...Yes,I felt that something was preventing slightly to keep my balance....In our town ..several persons was shocked at this earthquake & nearly lost their consciousness as informed by others in the morning of 09/19.My mother called at once my brother in his mobile in Guwahati..& he informed that he & others was safely out of their QTH..after that BSNL Network was disrupted for a 20 minutes or so..Later came back to normal..I called my friends & relatives later & they also all felt the quake in a big way...The electrical power supply was restored within a half hour or so..then I saw the details of the EQ & its intensity 6.8 in richter scale & its epicentre in Sikkim-Nepal Border.....& it was felt all over Eastern Region & Assam etc...also in Bangladesh,Nepal...... in various cable TV News Channel via our local cable network...
Till late in the night,I saw Cable TV News Channels Coverages of the situtations after EQ with more & more updates...etc etc....

This is the second biggest earthquake felt by me.The first one was in August 6th of 1988.I was in Rangjuli in Goalpara District ,99km away from Guwahati.It was in the morning around lasted for several minutes..No damage as such in the area..But there was two shaking was of high intensity midway.For a several minutes, doors etc etc were found to be shaking.
Stay Safe & Take Care...

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A few Recent Entries from My Radio Diary

June 29th:
AIR Itangar on 4990kHz:
I heard AIR Itanagar on 4990kHz this morning i.e.June 29th right from the signing on in the morning from 0020UTC with AIR Station ID Music,followed by Bande Mataram, then Station Identification announcements plus frequency infos both shortwave & medium wave etc in Hindi around 0024UTC & then there was usual Shenai recital etc as far as my memory goes .Later I checked this frequency around 0123UTC, there was back to back flok music were played upto 0132UTC as checked for the last time.The signal was fair & slight hum noise as happens in lower frequencies in my Grundig YB 400 Rx due to the Adpator, I'm using.

June 28th:
I logged Voice of Nigeria English on 15120kHz around 1815UTC with fair signal.

June 26th:
On sunday i.e. June 26th, afternoon during 0846-0855UTC again I did an aircheck on FM Band by my Grundig YB 400 Rx with long copper wire as external antenna...what an aircheck it many many frequencies there were several radio stations including Chinese plus South East Asian countries specially from the languages suggested..on a frequency I heard even ..Koran recital with explanation sometimes ..on many frequencies there was Chinese music..most of them pop variety etc etc...And usual FM Radio stations which I usually can listen on 90-100.8MHz range..viz.Bhutan Broadcasting Service on 90.00MHz,98.00MHz etc, AIR Guwahati on 100.8MHz & other Guwahati based privately owned FM Radio Stations'd frequencies like.Radio Ooo Laa Laa on 91.9MHz, Big FM on 92.7MHz, Red FM on 93.5MHz, Gup Shup FM on 94.5MHz & Radio Ooo Laa Laa on 91.5MHz from Shillong either not audible or signal was completely blocked by those FM Radio Stations mentioned.

June 25th:
FM Band Monitoring:
I did an air check on FM Band on June 25th from 0826 to 0830UTC by my Grundig YB 400 Rx with long copper wire as external antenna, found from 100.8MHz to 90.00MHz on several frequencies there were Chinese Radio Station.AIR Guwahati on 100.8MHz relaying AIR Vividh Bharati Programme from Mumbai was blocked by Chinese Radio Station & on other Guwahati based privately owned FM Radio Stations'd frequencies like Big FM on 92.7MHz, Red FM on 93.5MHz, Gup Shup FM on 94.5MHz , there were chinese radio stations...!!!
BBS on 90.00MHz is also not audible. The same thing happened on June 23d morning on 0220utc or so when I did an aircheck on FM Band 100.8MHz to 90.00MHz.

CRI English:Win a Free trip to China...........As First Prize....
CRI-English is celebrating its 70th anniversary..& CRI-English is organising a general knowledge contest to mark the occasion.Today i.e. June 25th on Listeners Garden, they aired third of the series of report on the contest.I understand the answers should be sent to CRI by end of October of this year.Please check their website for details information.

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Assamese In A11

Here is time & freqency schedule of a few international radio stations (all are Christian reglious station) broadcasting in Assamese in A09 Season of international broadcasting effective from March 27,2011 to October 30,2011

Adventist World Radio (AWR) on 11860kHz from 1330 to 1400UTC
on sunday & wednesday only via KSDA Agat, Guam (100kW) .

Trans World Radio (TWR) on 12075kHz
1330 to 1400UTC from monday to saturday &
1330 to 1345UTC on sunday
both via KTWR Agana, Guam (100kW)

Family Radio (WYFR)
1400 to 1500UTC on 15450kHz daily

Another Christian reglious station called for Gospel for Asia also broadcast in Assamese.
But I'm yet to find their A11 skds.

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma (GK)
Abhayapuri(Assam) (India)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

From My Radio Material Collection

Here is the scan copy of both front & back side of my first ever BBC World Service Programme/Frequency Guide folder which received at my Abhayapuri residence wayback in summer of 1997.And this is also my first ever printed Radio Material received.

73 & 55

Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another Radio Japan Bengali Service Update

Radio Japan Bengali Service announced on their transmission on March 15th that due to present unprecedented situation in Japan after the recent earthquake & Tsunami, they will not be able to hold the Listeners Meet in Dhaka,Bangladesh next month. Radio Japan Bengali Service had decided to hold the listeners meet in Dhaka to mark 50th anniversary of its broadcasting and starting of FM transmission in Bangladesh via Bangladesh Betar transmitters.They have noted down the details of listeners who have already registered with them in order to attend the listeners meet.And when the situation improves , they may discuss the possibilty of holding the listeners meet there in future.

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Radio Japan NHK World Update

Due to the extra-ordinary situation after Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan, Radio Japan NHK World English has extended its News Segement of their usual 30 minutes transmission to present 10 or 15 minutes to 29 minutes. They will cover & update listeners with news plus interviews about latest developments etc from Earthquake & Tsunami hit region in Japan for a while.
As heard on March14th transmission of Radio Japan NHK World-Bengali & Hindi transmission on shortwave, they have cancelled all scheduled announced summer special programmes for a while & will air for a while will cover & update listeners with news plus interviews about latest developments etc from Earthquake & Tsunami hit region in Japan.
I believe all Radio Japan Services will follow this for a while.
And Radio Japan-Bengali Service also announced in their transmission on March 14th, due to disruption of postal service plus transport services due to the Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan, there will be delay in receiving postal correspondence from Radio Japan.
And heard on both transmissions of Radio Japan-Bengali & Hindi Service that listeners are requested to send their feedbacks via feedback form on their
respective websites.They didn't mention about the usual e-mail idd of sending feedbacks etc i.e.

New Frequency of Radio Japan-Bengali effective March 27th:
In Katha O Sur, the sunday Mailbag Programme on March 13th,Radio Japan-Bengali Service announced about its new frequency i.e. 11685kHz for its 1300-1345UTC transmission effective March 27th.However, the transmission will be relayed via Singapore in place of Uzbekistan for better reception quality in target areas.

New Frequencies of Radio Japan-Hindi effective March 27th:
On Radio Japan-Hindi Service's sunday mailbag programme on March 13th, new frequencies of their new morning transmission & night transmission with change of transmission time were announced.
0130-0200UTC on 11740kHz (hope I noted it correctly)
and for their night transmission
1430-1515UTC on 15745kHz
I'm not sure about the transmitter site of these transmissions.

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan EQ & Radio Monitoring etc

After getting the news from Guwahati via phone from a source about the Earthquake in Japan plus Tsunami around 0810utc on 03/11, I checked at first Zee News (via our Cable TV Network) Connection), who was airing pictures of EQ & Tsunami received via NHK TV. And heard & saw NHK TV telecasts & NHK Studios shaking during the EQ & hosts were mentioning feeling many aftershocks while reporting etc etc & saw some horrible pictures ....
Later I began listening to radio...starting with BBCWS on 15310kHz from 0840utc ...and they were reporting about the EQ & Tsunami in Japan..and they didn't air the regular sports news bulletin of 10 minutes duration from 0850utc & covering the the EQ & Tsunami in Japan in a special extended edition of their current affairs segement.And they were live reporting from BBC Correspondent in Tokyo & e-mails etc received & reactions from Japanese persons after the earthquake etc & also about Tsunami alerts elsewhere ,reactions of world leaders etc etc, airing of NHK TV audios,Japanese PM address to press plus to the nation with English translations were aired ..and BBCWS continued covering the story for many hours. They also didn't air the Sports News to Middle East on 15575kHz from 1140utc etc etc plus other features on different transmissions to different target areas & covered this Earthquake in Japan plus Tsunami.
Perhaps better sense will prevail on everyone who wants to cut shortwave rather in broadsense radio broadcasting in analog mode.
I did check the bands for SSB transmissions due to noisy band condition couldn't find any such transmissions as such.
Forgot to check later in the night.

Radio Japan via Yamata & other relay transmitter sites as monitored on March 11,2011:
I began checking Radio Japan transmission from 0905utc onwards.And I found their transmission in Japanese on 11740kHz via Singapore relay & later on 0907utc I found also another parallel frequency right from Yamata on 9750kHz.Then I became sure that Yamata site & their transmission & broadcasting facilities is working normally not effected as such due to power supply failure & disreuptions due to the earthquake.Perhaps via emergency power supply systems.
Later in the evening I heard Radio Japan Bengali via Uzbekistan Relay on 9720kHz on air as per their normal skds.As expected their news bulletin dominated the major story-the EQ & Tsunami in Japan.And they aired the regular pre-recorded feature programmes as per their normal skds.
I also heard a few moments of Radio Japan-English transmission via Yamata on 9875kHz during 1300-1330utc around 1316utc.The signal was good but faced moderate QRM (as a form of side band splatter) from 9870kHz. And also I heard Radio Japan in Japanese via Yamata on 11815kHz with fair signal many times during 1246-1400utc.
Additional Special Note:
BBC Hindi also gave extensive coverages to the EQ & Tsunami in Japan. Later at the last transmission of the day of BBC Hindi, Radio Japan's Hindi presenter Ms Lochini Asthana's reaction during the earthquake was aired along with another Indian person in Japan.Ms Asthna was in office that time.I recorded her experience.
And you know very well Ms Lochini Asthana is now on deputation from All India Radio to Radio Japan Hindi Service.

BBC Urdu also covered extensively the Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan during its night transmission which I heard on 9505kHz during 1500-1600UTC.


And also found fair signal of Radio Japan-English around 1407utc via Yamata on 5955kHz. And Radio Japan via Singapore Relay was heard with fair to good signal from 12045kHz during 1500-1700UTC and I checked it around 1647UTC as latest.

On March 12,2011:
I found strong signal of Radio Japan in Japanese on 15325kHz during 0200UTC onwards via Yamata.
And observed poor signal in the parallel 17810kHz via Yamata during the same time.

That's all I could share with you & others at this moment.

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

For all monitorings
Receiver:Grundig YB400 (Digital)
Antenna:Long Copper Wire as external antenna

Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):