Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan EQ & Radio Monitoring etc

After getting the news from Guwahati via phone from a source about the Earthquake in Japan plus Tsunami around 0810utc on 03/11, I checked at first Zee News (via our Cable TV Network) Connection), who was airing pictures of EQ & Tsunami received via NHK TV. And heard & saw NHK TV telecasts & NHK Studios shaking during the EQ & hosts were mentioning feeling many aftershocks while reporting etc etc & saw some horrible pictures ....
Later I began listening to radio...starting with BBCWS on 15310kHz from 0840utc ...and they were reporting about the EQ & Tsunami in Japan..and they didn't air the regular sports news bulletin of 10 minutes duration from 0850utc & covering the the EQ & Tsunami in Japan in a special extended edition of their current affairs segement.And they were live reporting from BBC Correspondent in Tokyo & e-mails etc received & reactions from Japanese persons after the earthquake etc & also about Tsunami alerts elsewhere ,reactions of world leaders etc etc, airing of NHK TV audios,Japanese PM address to press plus to the nation with English translations were aired ..and BBCWS continued covering the story for many hours. They also didn't air the Sports News to Middle East on 15575kHz from 1140utc etc etc plus other features on different transmissions to different target areas & covered this Earthquake in Japan plus Tsunami.
Perhaps better sense will prevail on everyone who wants to cut shortwave rather in broadsense radio broadcasting in analog mode.
I did check the bands for SSB transmissions due to noisy band condition couldn't find any such transmissions as such.
Forgot to check later in the night.

Radio Japan via Yamata & other relay transmitter sites as monitored on March 11,2011:
I began checking Radio Japan transmission from 0905utc onwards.And I found their transmission in Japanese on 11740kHz via Singapore relay & later on 0907utc I found also another parallel frequency right from Yamata on 9750kHz.Then I became sure that Yamata site & their transmission & broadcasting facilities is working normally not effected as such due to power supply failure & disreuptions due to the earthquake.Perhaps via emergency power supply systems.
Later in the evening I heard Radio Japan Bengali via Uzbekistan Relay on 9720kHz on air as per their normal skds.As expected their news bulletin dominated the major story-the EQ & Tsunami in Japan.And they aired the regular pre-recorded feature programmes as per their normal skds.
I also heard a few moments of Radio Japan-English transmission via Yamata on 9875kHz during 1300-1330utc around 1316utc.The signal was good but faced moderate QRM (as a form of side band splatter) from 9870kHz. And also I heard Radio Japan in Japanese via Yamata on 11815kHz with fair signal many times during 1246-1400utc.
Additional Special Note:
BBC Hindi also gave extensive coverages to the EQ & Tsunami in Japan. Later at the last transmission of the day of BBC Hindi, Radio Japan's Hindi presenter Ms Lochini Asthana's reaction during the earthquake was aired along with another Indian person in Japan.Ms Asthna was in office that time.I recorded her experience.
And you know very well Ms Lochini Asthana is now on deputation from All India Radio to Radio Japan Hindi Service.

BBC Urdu also covered extensively the Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan during its night transmission which I heard on 9505kHz during 1500-1600UTC.


And also found fair signal of Radio Japan-English around 1407utc via Yamata on 5955kHz. And Radio Japan via Singapore Relay was heard with fair to good signal from 12045kHz during 1500-1700UTC and I checked it around 1647UTC as latest.

On March 12,2011:
I found strong signal of Radio Japan in Japanese on 15325kHz during 0200UTC onwards via Yamata.
And observed poor signal in the parallel 17810kHz via Yamata during the same time.

That's all I could share with you & others at this moment.

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

For all monitorings
Receiver:Grundig YB400 (Digital)
Antenna:Long Copper Wire as external antenna

Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):

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