Monday, September 26, 2011

A Few Monitoring Updates

Here is a few monitoring inputs which I like to share with you.
For all monitorings...
Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):

Receiver:Grundig YB400 (Digital)
Antenna:Long Copper Wire as external antenna

They Are Back:
On September 25th, around 0126UTC onwards while checking All India Radio(AIR)-Kolkata on 4820kHz & AIR-Chennai on 4920kHz I found the signal of regional Chinese Radio Stations occupying both frequencies.The signal of mentioned AIR Stations could not be heard.There was Chinese Language transmission on 4920kHz & on 4820kHz there was transmission in perhaps Tibetan Language during that time.
I also heard Bangladesh Betar on 4750kHz around 0127UTC with good signal.There was a male voice in Bengali talking about eye lences.

ON 11710kHz on 09/24:
On 11710kHz Radio Veritas Asia(RVA) Bengali was facing strong co-channel interference from All India Radio(AIR) General Overseas Service-English transmission as I monitored around 0033UTC onwards.There was news in English read by OM followed by announcement by YL perhaps about News Commentary as far as I recall.But later monitoring around 0054UTC, I heard signal of RVA-Bengali was free from co-channel interference of AIR.Perhaps it was on different frequency ( technical problem)during 2245-0045 UTC AIR-GOS English transmission to NE Asia as per Jose Jacob's information sheet of AIR Skds the 25mb frequency should be 11645kHs ( 250kW) via Delhi (Khampur).
Again On 11710kHz around 0058UTC on 09/24:
I heard poor signal of Radio Argentina Exterior(RAE) with Interval Signal followed by station ID announcements as the case with RAE signing on with its station ID announcements in atleast by a male & female voice alternatively.But around 0100UTC Voice of America(VOA) English from 11705kHz via Thailand with strong signal caused severe interference as a form of side band splatter nothing audible as such.But monitoring for a while, I guess its their Japanese Language transmission.....!!!Recorded a few moments of audio file of RAE signing on ...with Interval Signal followed by station ID announcements

Radio Monitoring After the 9/18 Earthquake:
After the earthquake on September 18th(09/18) evening & life returning to normal mode here,electric power supply was restored , and checking Cable News Channels's Latest updates about the earthquake..I came to know about its strength & its epicentre etc, and around 1407UTC, I found AIR-Gangtok was off the air on 4835kHz & later during my several checking upto 1432UTC or so, I found All India Radio(AIR)-Gangtok still off the air on 4835kHz along with AIR-Kurseong was also off the air.But later around 1525UTC when I checked again, I found AIR-Gangtok on 4835kHz airing National News relay from AIR-Delhi with good signal & after that as far as I recall I heard News in English.But again further checking around 1600UTC,I didn't find any signal.I couldn't check AIR-Gangtok on 4835kHz on 09/19 morning as I overslept due to heavy rains plus no eletric power supply till noon as around 0200AM IST a tree fall in the eletric power supply cable & resulted a fault.Later in the night,I found AIR-Gangtok on 4835kHz as usual.And also on 09/20 morning I heard AIR-Gangtok on 4835kHz usually signing on around 0100UTC.
More Monitoring Updates soon.

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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