Monday, September 26, 2011

Shaken Not Stirred

Let me inform you that an earthquake was felt in my home town ,Abhayapuri (in Bongaigaon District of Western Assam,Geographical Location of Abhayapuri:Longitude:26º18´20´´North,Latitude:90º37´50´´East) around 6.11PM IST i.e. 1241UTC or so on September 18th.I was just preparing with papers & pencil plus my tape recorder to monitor ALL Ireland Football Final broadcast of RTE Ireland via Sentech Relay perhaps on three frequencies i.e.17880,17500 & 7480kHz..from 1300UTC sitting on a mora (tool) just near my bed ..then suddenly I felt some mild shaking from bottom & then ignored it & then I felt again the same thing..then glanced at a plastic bottle with some water ..water movement..was like shaking by someone..I saw at the ceiling fan which was also running at the speed of 3 of 5 ..but suddenly came to my mind.. my friend's Alokesh's observation on a glass of water on his desk during an mild earthquake in his residence in Faridabad a few months back ..I realised ..that water movement couldn't be so due to the ceiling fan at such a ..EQ...and then came shaking in larger the time was ticking..I opened the door & went in the berandha...I heard hue & cry everywhere..outside & too much movement of cable & electrical wires outside...also the sound...I thought my parents went outside via backdoor..instead ..I heard my mother I opened the grill door berandha ..then electrical power supply went out perhaps as a precautionary measure..but I took my torchlight with me..I again moved into my room quickly...& took them via my room to front berandha..but after a while...the EQ was gone gradually...but the shaking was of large intensity..came from bottom part...not like rattling of doors happened earlier occasions. Thank God!!! .no damage our campus. & others But I was sure somewhere it would surely cause heavy I felt during that time...Yes,I felt that something was preventing slightly to keep my balance....In our town ..several persons was shocked at this earthquake & nearly lost their consciousness as informed by others in the morning of 09/19.My mother called at once my brother in his mobile in Guwahati..& he informed that he & others was safely out of their QTH..after that BSNL Network was disrupted for a 20 minutes or so..Later came back to normal..I called my friends & relatives later & they also all felt the quake in a big way...The electrical power supply was restored within a half hour or so..then I saw the details of the EQ & its intensity 6.8 in richter scale & its epicentre in Sikkim-Nepal Border.....& it was felt all over Eastern Region & Assam etc...also in Bangladesh,Nepal...... in various cable TV News Channel via our local cable network...
Till late in the night,I saw Cable TV News Channels Coverages of the situtations after EQ with more & more updates...etc etc....

This is the second biggest earthquake felt by me.The first one was in August 6th of 1988.I was in Rangjuli in Goalpara District ,99km away from Guwahati.It was in the morning around lasted for several minutes..No damage as such in the area..But there was two shaking was of high intensity midway.For a several minutes, doors etc etc were found to be shaking.
Stay Safe & Take Care...

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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