Monday, October 22, 2012

Special Programmes of Japan Shortwave Club(JSWC) On November 3,2012

Japan Shortwave Club(JSWC) is planning to air special programmes marking their 60th anniversary  to Europe and North America  on saturday ,November 3rd . I heard this information on JSWC's  Monthly DX Report segement presented by Ms Yukio Tsuji on October 7th edition of Wavescan, DX Programme of Adventist World Radio.

The skd announced by Ms Tsuji  is  as follows :
1700-1730 UTC from  France to Europe with 250kW on 6015kHz Antenna Beam at 33 degree
2330-2400UTC from French Guyana to North America with 250kW on  15775kHz Antenna Beam  at 311 degree
In addition to this JSWC is also planning to broadcast programmes from Palau to Japan but most of the broadcast will be in Japanese.And skd is
1030 to 1100UTC with 100kW on 9955kHz Antenna Beam at 345degree
Special 60th anniversary QSL Card will be issued for all correct reception reportson these programmes.

For e-QSL ,listeners are requested to send their reception reports at the e-mail address

For printed QSL Card, please send your reports to the following postal address:
P.O.Box 44, Kamakura
248-8691, Japan.
And 1 IRC or 2 US Dollar will be appreicated as return postage for Printed QSL Card.

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma

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