Tuesday, August 6, 2013

GK's Monitoring Log Book A Few Special Entries

Here is a few radio monitoring observations by me.

For all monitoring observations...
Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):

Receiver:Grundig YB 400 (Digital)
Antenna:Long Copper  Wire as external antenna

All India Radio(AIR)-Shillong via Shortwave with slight deviation:
AIR-Shillong has been noted with slight deviation from its original frequencies on shortwave(4970 & 7315kHz).I made aircheck on the morning of August 2nd & 3rd, I observed slight deviation from its morning frequency of 4970kHz.That time perhaps AIR-Shillong was relaying news from AIR-Delhi. As I was monitoring with my Grundig YB 400 Rx ,which don't have the faciliy to tune into frequency in decimal point,the signal was best heard at 4971kHz.Again later during afternoon  of August 3rd,when AIR-Shillong was relaying News etc from AIR-Delhi around 0851UTC or so, I observed slight deviation from its normal frequency  i.e.7315kHz .As per my monitoring via my Grundig YB 400 Rx , it was best heard at 7316kHz.
But on the morning of August 4th, till upto 0303UTC (my latest aircheck),only stong carrier as mentioned by you and no audio at all could be heard. However, on the morning of August 6th, I found fair signal wth English News relay from Delhi with slight noise but slight deviation in frequency was there around 0234UTC.The audio was best heard on once again on 4971kHz.
In recent weeks, AIR-Gangtok also observed on several times with slight deviation from its normal shortwave frequency of 4835kHz(morning & evening-night).
As per my monitoring, another international radio station,Voice of Indonesia has been noted with slight deviation from its normal frequency of 9525kHz for a long time.As per my monitoring with my Grundig YB 400 Rx , the transmission is best heard on 9526kHz.

Latest On PCJ Radio Inlt,Taiwan Via Trincomalee:
PCJ Radio Intl. Taiwan will stop its sundays only one hour broadcast on shortwave via Trincomalee,Sri Lanka with two programs i.e.Focus On Asia Pacific & The Happy Station Show from coming sundays in August starting from August 11th.And next sundays only program on shortwave via Trincomalee will be aired from September Ist on same skds..i.e. from 11835kHz from 1330 to 1430UTC.Last sunday i.e.August 4th a special Show ..Happy Station Show meets Border Crossings was aired and there was on broadcast of Focus On Asia Pacific  .And it was recorded in the same  Voice of Amercia(VOA) Studio where Larry London presents his weekdays Music Request  program "Border Crossings".Keith Parron of PCJ Radio Inlt talked with Larry London.Keith Parron also repeated the announcements of shortwave transmission stopping for coming sundays in August. I heard some portions of the show on shortwave via Trincomalee.The signal was good with slight hum & other noise from time to time.However, The Happy Station Show via its partner stations around the world & on its website (www.pcjmedia.com) will be available as before during that time period.

AIR-Aizawl Via Shortwave Recent Observations:
Alll India Radio(AIR)-Aizawl  ( Aizawl is the capital city of North-eastern State of Mizoram) usually broadcasts on shortwave on two frequencies 5050kHz during morning & evening-night and on 7295kHz during day time.
As per latest printed skd of All India Radio ,AIR-Aizawl goes on air daily on
0028 to 0400UTC on 5050kHz
0700 to 1000UTC on 7295kHz
1130 to 1630UTC on 5050kHz
And as per information posted by noted Radio Monitor Jose Jacob(VU2JOS)of Hyderabad, the power of AIR-Aizawl  transmitter on shortwave is listed as 10kW.
And during my latest observation ,I've found improvement of  reception quality of AIR-Aizawl specially at early morning & day time.
On July 26th & July 27th, I observed fair to good signal with slight noise of AIR-Aizawl on 7295kHz.
On July 26th, I checked from 0545UTC onwards from time to time upto 0735UTC ,AIR-Aizawl on 7295kHz.There was mostly Mizo music on air & announcements etc.National English News Relay was on 0730UTC from AIR-Delhi.
Let listen to some recordings of AIR-Aizawal
Here is the link to recordings on  July 26th around 0648UTC..

Here is the link to recordings on July 26th around 0700UTC ..

And here is the link to recordings on  July 27th around 0602UTC...

Though the skd listed its 2nd transmission from 0700UTC on 7295kHz , but as per my monitoring there might be advance of  beginning time of its second  transmission now-a-days.

And during AIR-Aizawl evening-night transmission on 5050kHz, the reception quality is not all satisfactory as there is co-channel interference from a Chinese Radio Station.On July 27th, around 1421UTC , I heard Hindi flim song on air ... a duet by Kishore Kumar & co-artist..and there was co-channel interference.
Here is the link to the audio recorded...

Again,on the morning of July 28th sunday I heard AIR-Aizawl transmission on 5050kHz from 0045UTC onwards.And recorded a minutes of audio  from around 0058UTC.
Here is the link to the audio...

There is mostly Mizo Music & talks,again regional news..relays news from Delhi & then North East News in English etc etc in the morning.
The reception here in morning can be termed as good,though slighty noisy.But as the time progresses signal strength reduces..and also becomes more noisy.

Currently Off The Air:
Now-a-days,AIR-Kohima on 4850kHz,AIR-Imphal on 4775 & 7335kHz and AIR-Guwahati on 4940 & 7280kHz are off the air. And in recent days,during my several air check,I didn't find any signal of AIR-Itanagar on 4990kHz.
Let me check again.

Another Obseravation:
And also I observed in case of several AIR regional shortwave radio stations the signal(modulation) is better while there is music on air & taking relays from AIR-Delhi....as also observed by noted  radio monitorings in their  DX Posts.In case of another international radio station, Radio Cairo in English 1215UTC onwards on 17870kHz, we can find the signal(modulation) is better when music is on air.

More monitoring observations etc soon.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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Abhijit Rabha said...

dear sarma, it is pleasure to know u as a dxer. I am Dr abhijit Rabha, Indian Forest Service, posted as Addl PCCF, Karbi Anglong.
I am from Guwahati, originally a goalparia.
I am in the habit of shortwave listening through
a shortwave set named Palstar with a specialised shortwave antenna.
Today on 5:30Z, i am listening to some french broadcast at 7316.0 Khz. Can u locate the same at this time and gimme the ID of the station?? Regards ... Abhijit rabha. Diphu