Monday, August 12, 2013

On August 7th.......

Here is a few monitoring observations with links to audio recorded  on August 7th of 2013.

For all monitoring observations...
Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):

Receiver:Grundig YB 400 (Digital)
Antenna:Long Copper  Wire as external antenna

1.Radio Romania Int(RRI)-English On 0259utc on 17830kHz:
Recorded audio link:

GK's Note:
The announced frequency was 17800kHz but it was on air actually on 17830kHz...though earlier it was noted on 17800kHz but perhaps due to co-channel QRM from Gospel broadcasters from Palau Transmitter Site..RRI-English's frequency was changed to 17830kHz.

2.Voice of Mongolia(VOM)-English at 0915utc on 12085kHz:
Recorded audio link:

GK's Special Monitoring Note:
And VOM English is facing fair to severe interference as a form of  sideband splatter from China National Radio Station broadcasting on 12080kHz since VOM changed its English transmission time in March from 1000-1030UTC to present 0900 to 0930UTC.

3.All India Radio(AIR) Kolkata at 0917utc on 7210kHz:
Recorded audio link:

4.All India Radio(AIR) Kurseong at 0918utc on 7230kHz:
Brief Program Desciption:
Science Program teacher explained about magentic lines plus magentic poles   & replying to students questions.The program was in Nepali language.
Recorded audio link:

5.Station KNLS Alaska in Russian signing on at 1600utc on 9655kHz:
Recorded Audio Link:

GK's Special Monitoring Note:
And sometimes its signal is blocked by a strong signal  and from around 1628utc I observed co-channel QRM of Radio Tehran & also silght sideband splatter can be observed.

6.Radio Taiwan International(RTI)- English on 6180 & 15485kHz:
RTI English at 1603utc on its new frequency of 6180kHz...via Taiwan
Recorded Audio Link:
And again RTI English at 1607utc on 15485kHz via TDF France

More monitoring updates etc soon.

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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