Monday, September 30, 2013

QSL From Radio Taiwan International(RTI) English

Here is the scanned version of the both sides of the  latest QSL Card received from Radio Taiwan International-English Service by me.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Few Latest Entries from My Radio Diary

Here is a few latest  monitoring observations of me.

For all monitoring observations...

Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):

Receiver used for monitoring unless mentioned otherwise...
Receiver:Grundig Yatch Boy 400
Antenna:Long Copper Wire

All India Radio(AIR)-Imphal is back on  shortwave:
AIR-Imphal is back on shortwave both on its frequencies..4775kHz during morning-evening and on 7335kHz during moring & the day after a long spell of going off the air on shortwave.I did aircheck the frequencies from time to time and after a long spell of absence, I thougth there was no chance of AIR-Imphal returning to shortwave in near future.I was wrong..Very recently, the news of AIR-Imphal returning to shortwave was posted  & I immediately checked it & found AIR-Imphal back on air on shortwave on 4775kHz.
More specifically, on September 26th, 0058UTC onwards, I heard a  Manipuri Song & then some announcements & then another song was aired.The signal was fair with slight noise & hum noise was there.On September 28th, I heard sports feature in Manipuri on 4775kHz from 0140UTC onwards.
Here is a recording link of AIR-Imphal on 4775kHz recorded at 0141utc
Later I also heard AIR-Imphal on 7335kHz also around 0733UTC with almost same reception quality mentioned.

All India Radio(AIR)-Shillong is back on 4970kHz:
After several weeks on 4971kHz,AIR-Shillong is back on its normal frequency of 4970kHz.
Here is an audio file recorded on September 28th,around 0125UTC onwards ..western music was on air
All India Radio(AIR) Guwahati A is off the air on Shortwave Plus Other observations:
For several weeks AIR-Guwahati A on 4940kHz is off the air.But an interesting thing is that during AIR-Guwahati A transmission on medium wave on 729kHz during station ID & frequency & metre band reminder announcement in Assamese they keep on mentioning on air shortwave frequency (4940kHz..)...& corresponding metre band...but actually as per my monitoring I've not hear anything on both 4940kHz(Morning &evening-night) & 7280kHz (afternoon).AIR-Guwahati-A uses two frequencies on shortwave side by side its medium wave frequency of 729kHz.
Here is recording of one such announcement in Assamese which I recorded during AIR-Guwahati A on 729kHz around 0319utc on September 25th, from my Philips DL334 Portable Receiver operated on battery.
And another medium wave frequency which airs AIR-Guwahati B programs is 1035kHz which reception is not so good here.For a long period ,I've not monitored it and that's why  not sure about what kind programs on air  & exact time schedule .As far as my memories goes, AIR-Guwahati B used to air Youth Program..Yugbani in the evening besides News Relays from AIR-Delhi & during the day programs in Hindi for Armed Forces mostly music request shows etc  was on air & also used to carry sports commentaries.During my school days,I used to listen to programs on medium wave i.e.on 1035kHz from AIR-Guwahati B almost regularly specially the music & sports commentaries.

Radio Exterior de Espania(REE) English on Weekend:
 I couldn't listen to the weekend transmission of REE-English for just over a decade of my DXING  due to several reasons .The main reason ... was interference both co-channel & sideband .But   on September 14th (saturday),I heard its transmission from 2150utc on 9660kHz for the first time in my DXING.And thanks to the  recent change in frequency of  REE-English to Europe on weekend to 9660kHz(2100-2200UTC).I'll certainly tune into weekend transmission right from start of the transmission in the remaining weekends of this summer season of broadcast.I recorded a few moments of audio of signing off announcements at 2156UTC.
Here is the link to the audio:
As observed by me , REE English changes its time of its one hour broadcast and the frequencies on the  weekend to Europe & Africa for many years from the weekdays.

More monitoring observations etc soon.

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

Monday, September 23, 2013

At Last ...

Yes, after receiving several old QSL Cards from Deutsche Welle Radio , finally a few weeks back,I received the latest QSL Card released by Deutsche Welle on its 60th anniversary showing its present Head Quarter Buildings in Bonn.
Here is the scanned version of both sides of the QSL Card.

Thanking You
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

QSL Cards Radio Romania International

Recently I received two QSL Cards from  Radio Romania International(RRI)-English Service.
Here is the scanned version of both sides of the QSL Card for the month of June.


And here is the scanned version of both sides of the QSL Card for the month of July.

Just to remind you all this year i.e.2013 the theme of Radio Romania International QSL Cards is "Radio Romania 85".

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)