Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Few Latest Entries from My Radio Diary

Here is a few latest  monitoring observations of me.

For all monitoring observations...

Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):

Receiver used for monitoring unless mentioned otherwise...
Receiver:Grundig Yatch Boy 400
Antenna:Long Copper Wire

All India Radio(AIR)-Imphal is back on  shortwave:
AIR-Imphal is back on shortwave both on its frequencies..4775kHz during morning-evening and on 7335kHz during moring & the day after a long spell of going off the air on shortwave.I did aircheck the frequencies from time to time and after a long spell of absence, I thougth there was no chance of AIR-Imphal returning to shortwave in near future.I was wrong..Very recently, the news of AIR-Imphal returning to shortwave was posted  & I immediately checked it & found AIR-Imphal back on air on shortwave on 4775kHz.
More specifically, on September 26th, 0058UTC onwards, I heard a  Manipuri Song & then some announcements & then another song was aired.The signal was fair with slight noise & hum noise was there.On September 28th, I heard sports feature in Manipuri on 4775kHz from 0140UTC onwards.
Here is a recording link of AIR-Imphal on 4775kHz recorded at 0141utc
Later I also heard AIR-Imphal on 7335kHz also around 0733UTC with almost same reception quality mentioned.

All India Radio(AIR)-Shillong is back on 4970kHz:
After several weeks on 4971kHz,AIR-Shillong is back on its normal frequency of 4970kHz.
Here is an audio file recorded on September 28th,around 0125UTC onwards ..western music was on air
All India Radio(AIR) Guwahati A is off the air on Shortwave Plus Other observations:
For several weeks AIR-Guwahati A on 4940kHz is off the air.But an interesting thing is that during AIR-Guwahati A transmission on medium wave on 729kHz during station ID & frequency & metre band reminder announcement in Assamese they keep on mentioning on air shortwave frequency (4940kHz..)...& corresponding metre band...but actually as per my monitoring I've not hear anything on both 4940kHz(Morning &evening-night) & 7280kHz (afternoon).AIR-Guwahati-A uses two frequencies on shortwave side by side its medium wave frequency of 729kHz.
Here is recording of one such announcement in Assamese which I recorded during AIR-Guwahati A on 729kHz around 0319utc on September 25th, from my Philips DL334 Portable Receiver operated on battery.
And another medium wave frequency which airs AIR-Guwahati B programs is 1035kHz which reception is not so good here.For a long period ,I've not monitored it and that's why  not sure about what kind programs on air  & exact time schedule .As far as my memories goes, AIR-Guwahati B used to air Youth Program..Yugbani in the evening besides News Relays from AIR-Delhi & during the day programs in Hindi for Armed Forces mostly music request shows etc  was on air & also used to carry sports commentaries.During my school days,I used to listen to programs on medium wave i.e.on 1035kHz from AIR-Guwahati B almost regularly specially the music & sports commentaries.

Radio Exterior de Espania(REE) English on Weekend:
 I couldn't listen to the weekend transmission of REE-English for just over a decade of my DXING  due to several reasons .The main reason ... was interference both co-channel & sideband .But   on September 14th (saturday),I heard its transmission from 2150utc on 9660kHz for the first time in my DXING.And thanks to the  recent change in frequency of  REE-English to Europe on weekend to 9660kHz(2100-2200UTC).I'll certainly tune into weekend transmission right from start of the transmission in the remaining weekends of this summer season of broadcast.I recorded a few moments of audio of signing off announcements at 2156UTC.
Here is the link to the audio:
As observed by me , REE English changes its time of its one hour broadcast and the frequencies on the  weekend to Europe & Africa for many years from the weekdays.

More monitoring observations etc soon.

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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