Friday, November 22, 2013

Latest On Bhutan Broadcastiong Service on 6035kHz

On the morning of November 22nd,Bhutan Broadcasting Service(BBS) in local language of Bhutan was noted on 6035kHz as per my aircheck on 0203UTC.There was talk by a male presenter perhaps news and later during my  latest aircheck on 0215utc in local lanugage was aired.
I recorded a few audio files on 6035kHz of BBS during my morning monitoring period.
Here is an audio link recorded around 0207UTC

And here is another audio link recorded around 0215UTC

But I didn't find signal of BBS on 6035kHz from 0600UTC onwards upto 1026UTC    on November 22nd during my several airchecks.
However  November 21st around 0603UTC I heard BBS-Nepali Service with songs in Nepali at 0603UTC.And on same afternoon (i.e.November 21st) I heard BBS-English Programs with Listeners calling requests etc during afternoon during 0830utc upto 0950utc(my last airchecked moment).
But I didn't find BBS's signal on 6035kHz on the evening and night on both November 20st & 21st also.

More monitoring updates soon.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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