Tuesday, September 9, 2014

More On Bhutan Broadcasting Service(BBS) on 6035kHz

As posted earlier, BBS is back again on shortwave on 6035kHz and continuing broadcasting thoughtout the day now-a-days.Its morning transmission beginning time is not regular as sometimes I noted back on air as early as 0100UTC and sometimes half an hour or hour later.And on September 9th i.e.today I heard good signal of BBS on 6035kHz in local Bhutanese language from 0047UTC onwards.

And on September 6th, I heard loud & clear signal of BBS English Service with news in English,public service announcements,English Songs etc from 1103UTC onwards.
On September 7th, also I heard BBS English with excellent reception overall from 1040 to 1112UTC onwards(my monitoring period).There was English Songs(sometimes back to back),Health Promos,News in English,public service announcements etc etc was on air.

Here is the link of a few moments audio recorded around 1100UTC.

And another link to the  audio of BBS recorded around 1110UTC..

The audio files were recorded while I was listening BBS on my Philips DL334  portable Analog Receiver without any external antenna.

However in the evening & night,I'm yet to hear the signal of BBS on 6035kHz.

As per informed by Alokesh Gupta from New Delhi, BBS is using only one transmitter at a time and that's why there is no parallel frequency.

That's all for today.
More monitoring infos etc soon.

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Bhutan Broadcasting Service(BBS) Is Back On Shortwave

On August 30,2014, after receiving information from Alokesh Gupta from New Delhi, here in my location in Abhayapuri in Western Assam( a few hundred miles away from Bhutan Border) about possible reactivation of Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) on Shotwave , I found BBS is indeed  back on shortwave on 6035kHz around 0414UTC(the time of my first aircheck) onwards.That time Nepali Service was on air.The signal quality was satisfactory as I found both via my Grundig YB 80 Rx on battery just with the telescopic antenna of Rx fully extended and later monitored with my Philips Analog DL334 Portable Rx without any antenna.

Here is the link to an audio file which I recorded around 0417UTC that morning & Nepali song was on air:

And the  English Service of BBS was noted from 0800UTC onwards on that day.
Here is the the link to an audio file which I recorded around 0800UTC of BBS English Signing on:

And another audio file was recorded on August 31st.
BBS in Nepali around 0412UTC & Station Idd announcement & program skds for the transmission by a male voice and the link:

And  per my latest monitoring,now-a-days, I can listen to BBS in the morning to afternoon with satisfactory signal & first in local Bhutanese langauge from around 0100UTC onwards (may be earlier also as I airchecked from 0100UTC onwards only),then Nepali(0400 to 0800UTC) & later in English from 0800UTC onwards on 6035kHz.
However I couldn't trace BBS  signal during late in the afternoon,evening & night. And on August 30th, around 0316UTC during my aircheck on 6035kHz, I heard signal of   another Radio Station on air.
As posted by Alokesh Gupta in DX Asia," the BBS txers (50 & 100 kW) are back on air....",   so there may be another frequency for 50kW Transmitter .. Or  theythey may be this Transmitter i.e.50kW for same frequency i.e.6035kHz for  late afternoon/evening/night....Not Sure..!!! And so far I  am not being able to find BBS signal on any other frequency other than 6035kHz during my several air check on 41/49/60mb.

That's all for today.

73 & 55
Yours Faithfully
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):