Monday, December 1, 2014

All India Radio(AIR) Kohima is back on 4850kHz

On December 1,2014 from 0129UTC onwards I noted AIR-Kohima on 4850kHz with overall fair to good reception quality.This is after a long break I heard the signal of AIR-Kohima on shortwave.There was slight hum noise observed and also other noise was there.However, there was no signal observed during my several aircheck from around 0202 UTC onwards and however I noted AIR-Kohima  back on air with Relay of National Morning News from Delhi from around 0230UTC onwards.And from 0300UTC there was North East News Bulletin in English from AIR-Shillong North East Service.
This is coinciding with the beginning of Annual Hornbil Festival & the visit of Prime Minister of India to Nagaland State and to the Horbil Festival.There was also live coverage of Horbil Festival noted in Hindi & English alternatively as noted by me during my aircheck on AIR-Kohima on 4850kHz from 0458UTC onwards.
 Here is a few audio files links recorded with brief info about the contents etc of the audio files.

1.AIR Kohima 4850kHz around 0129UTC:
Audio Content :
Announcements in Male Voice In Naga Language
Receiver Used:Grundig YB 400 Rx with Long Copper Wire as external antenna
2.AIR Kohima 4850kHz around 0149UTC:
Audio Content :
Music ,News in Nagamese(in Broken Assamese English Mix) by a lady announcement,news related to arrival of Prime Minister of India to Nagaland etc
Receiver Used:Grundig YB 400 Rx with Long Copper Wire as external antenna

3.AIR Kohima 4850kHz around 0503UTC:
Audio Content :
Live Coverage of Hornbill Festival in English & Hindi alternatively
Receiver Used:Philips DL334 Analog & Portable Receiver without any external Antenna

More monitoring infos etc soon.

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):