Monday, January 12, 2015

Update On AIR-Aizawal etc

After the morning of  January 11,2015 , I'm yet to hear signal of All India Radio(AIR)-Aizawal  on 5050kHz ( morning & evening)   & during afternoon on 7295kHz.On January 11th, I did try to hear AIR-Aizawal during afternoon around 0730UTC on 7295kHz(its afternoon frequency) but nothing was heard.Perhaps the shortwave transmitter might have  briefly on air in the morning of Janaury 11th on 5050kHz for testing purpose.
Another update...
On January 12th, I heard weak signal of AIR-Kurseong on 4895kHz around 1556UTC relaying Discussion type program from Delhi.

More updates soon.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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