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GK's All India Radio Special

Here is a few of my recent radio monitoring observations of All India Radio transmissions from my home town,Abhayapuri which I like to share with you .

All my monitorings on medium wave was done on my Analog Philips DL334 on battery without any external antenna .

All India Radio(AIR)'s Mahalaya Special Transmission:
I faced very noisy band condition while monitoring the broadcast on October 11th from 22.36UTC onwards specially on Shortwave band ...60mb.. 4800-5050kHz frquency range where most of regional stations of AIR broadcasts on shortwave (evening/morning period).
I could only listen to one AIR Station on air on shortwave i.e. AIR-Bhupal on 4810kHz.And managed to record a few moment of audio around 2310kHz when the reception was slightly better. I monitored it by my Grundig YB 400 Rx with long external antenna.
 Here is the link to the audio file mentioned....(In Hindi)

I monitored the Medium Wave band with my Analog Philips DL334 on battery for better reception.
And I heard loud signal of AIR-Kolkata A on 657kHz from 22.38UTC onwards with slight noise plus slight fading for almost throughout the broadcast.
Here is the link to the audio file of AIR-Kolkata A on 657kHz recorded at 22.40UTC...(in Bengali)
The reception became slightly noisy towards the end of Mahalaya broadcast of AIR-Kolkata A on 657kHz...
I recorded an audio towards the very end of the broadcast around...0006UTC on October 12th.
Brief Program Contents Heard:
Song,sound of auspicious conchshell, announcement of conclusion of Mahalaya & credits etc by a male voice,Promos(All in Bengali Language)
Here is the link to the audio:

The Mahalaya transmission was also received from AIR-Chinsurah (1000kW) on 594kHz with loud signal but there was slight co-channel interfence from perhaps a Chinese Radio Station.
 It was the same broadcast as of AIR-Kolkata A  & it relayed from Chinsurah.
Here is the link to an audio file of AIR-Chinsurah recorded at 22.48UTC...(in Bengali)
At present  from this Chinsurah transmitter site of All India Radio  relays programs from AIR Kolkata A plus other programs on medium wave on two frequencies
594kHz in the morning & on 1134kHz in the evening.But still there is no mention of these frequencies on All India Radio Printed Guide yet either as a part of AIR-Kolkata or as separate AIR Station.Perhaps it is still in testing mode.
Details of AIR-Chinsurah can be found at..

I also heard AIR-Lucknow A signing on 747kHz around 2254UTC & the Mahalaya broadcast was aired.
I recorded a few moments of audio around 2256UTC onwards.The reception was noisy.
Brief Program Contents Heard:
Song,opening announcements etc by a male voice etc.
Here is the link to the audio:
Details of AIR-Chinsurah can be found at..

Besides these, there were several AIR Stations on Medium Wave which I heard but their reception was poor.

All India Radio-Itanagar Is Still Off The Air on SW & MW:
AIR-Itanagar is still off the air on shortwave(4990kHz) and mediumwave(675kHz) as per my latest monitoring.As posted by me earlier, a fire broke out due to short circuit  at the transmitter site of AIR-Itanagar on early morning hours of September 25th(friday) & damaged completedly the shortwave room & medium wave  besides others.Their  transmission is perhaps continuing on FM on 103.1MHz.

Some Other AIR Stations Heard on Medium Wave.:
Now-a-days, AIR-Patna A can be heard loud & clear on 621kHz in the evening.I heard on October 15th evening AIR-Patna A on 621kHz with good reception around 1337utc onwards.There was promos on election malpractices & its reporting by public.AIR-Varanasi A on 1242kHz was heard with good signal on October 18th evening.
AIR-Tezpur(20kW) from my home state Assam was heard on 1125kHz with poor signal in the evening of October 18th around 1347UTC approx.
There was News in Assamese & other programs on air.After a while there was heavy sideband interference from AIR-Chinsurah on 1134kHz.There was a Bengali Drama was on air on 1134kHz.
This is for the first time after a long break that I could listen to audio traces of AIR-Tezpur on 1125kHz.

More monitoring Updates etc soon.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):

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