Saturday, December 31, 2016


 Here is a few snaps of KBS World Radio Desktop Calendar for 2017 for your eyes only...

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73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

DX News On Last Day of 2016

Here is a few DX Infos which I like to share with you

All India Radio(AIR) Port Blair is On Air on 4760kHz:
On December 31st,I heard good signal of AIR-Portblair on 4760kHz during my air check on the station from 0032UTC onwards.It was after a several weeks that I heard the signal of AIR-Portblair on 4760kHz.As reported earlier in the group by Jose Jacob(VU2JOS) that it was off the air due to some problem in its transmitter.
A brief Summary of reception:
Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):
Receiver:Grundig YB 400 (Digital Read OUT)
Antenna:Long Copper  Wire(30 ft plus length)..height 20ft Plus  as External  Antenna
Co-axial Lead In
Progran Details Heard:Hindi News By YL,0035UTC:English News by YL(both relayed from AIR-Delhi)
0040UTC:Station Idd Announcement Time etc by YL In Hindi etc,Music, YL talk in Hindi
The signal was good,no interference,slight noise,slight to moderate fading,overall reception good
I recorded an audio file at 0040UTC of AIR-Portblair on 4760kHz.
Here is the link:

A few Additional Monitoring Infos on AIR Shortwave Stations:
Also I couldn't hear the signal of  AIR-Shillong several days on 4970kHz.But on December 29th, I heard fair signal of AIR-Shillong around 0057UTC onwards.Later at the evening & night nothing audible of AIR-Shillong on 4970kHz.And On December 31st also no signal of AIR-Shillong on 4970kHz during morning during my several air check.Again AIR-Aizawl wasnot heard for past several days on 5050kHz. And now-a-days AIR-Thiruvananthapuram can be heard during morning hour with fair to good  signal.The reception quality deteriorates as the day progresses.
I recorded an  audio filearound 0046UTC of  AIR-Thiruvananthapuram in Malayalam Language.
Brief Program Contents:Promo,Station Idd & Freq. in kHz etc Announcement by YL,music program
Here is the link:

That's all for today..i.e.last day of 2016..
Wish You All For A Happy,Peaceful,Prosperous,Healthy & Above All A Safe

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73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

Friday, December 16, 2016

Assamese In B16

Here is the schedule of of three International Radio Stations(All Gospel Stations) broadcasting  in Assamese
for this winter season of broadcast i.e. B16 Season effective from October 29,2016 to March 25,2017.

(The skd is posted as..station name transmitter site power
time frequency days of broadcast format)

Trans World Radio(TWR) via KTWR Agana,Guam (100kW)
1315-1345UTC on 11730kHz (Excluding Saturday)

Adventist World Radio(AWR) via KSDA Agat,Guam(100kW)
1330-1400UTC on 15670kHz (Sunday & Wednesday)

Gospel For Asia(Athmeeya Yatra Radio ) Via Nauen(MBR),Germany (250kW)
0015 to 0030UTC on 9520kHz   (Saturday & Sunday)

More monitoring infos/updates etc soon.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)