Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Few Recent Entries from My Radio Log Book

Here is a few loggings which I like to share with you.
Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):
Receiver:Grundig YB 400 (Digital Read OUT)
Antenna:Long Copper  Wire(30 ft plus length)..height 20ft Plus  as External  Antenna
Co-axial Lead In
(for all cases)

Date:January 12,107
After  several days , I heard KNLS English Program via Madagascar World Voice(MWV) on 15670kHz from 0301utc with good signal strength with little noise etc.The overall reception can be termed as excellent.I think the station might be off the air on that frequency for several days.
Here is the link to the audio recorded at 0301utc of KNLS:
The signal on its earlier broadcast of the day to our region..i.e.India..on 9600kHz during 0059 to 0156UTC was audible here in my place but lots of noise is there now-a-days.

All India Radio(AIR)-Portblair 4760kHz 0036UTC News in English Relayed from AIR-Delhi heard with good reception & slight hum was observed
AIR-Thiruvananthapuram on 5010kHz at 0049utc Devotional Music by YL in Malayalam with good signal SINPO 45444
R Romania Itl(RRI)-English to N America 7325kHz 0119utc to 0137utc
Visit Romania Prog,0127utc:end of visit Romania Prog,Sports Club feature,0130utc:Stat Idd annc.,music,music feature- YL intro music etc
AIR-Bhopal 0137utc 4810kHz Promo in Hindi,Regional News in Hindi byYL
SINPO 44434 QRM side band splatter slight,slight to moderate fading
AIR-Gangtok 0142-0148utc 4835kHz YL in Nepali introduced Hindi flim music,Hindi flim song duet by Kishore & Lata 0146utc:another song intro by YL-Asha & Rafi from Hindi flim Mamota
SINPO:45444 slight hum QRN observed
AIR-Kuresung 4895kHz 0148utc Good Signal slight QRM as side band splatter from +10kHz station & heavy QRM observed at 0152utc when the station from +10kHz broadcasted music
AIR-Bhopal 7430kHz 0244-0250utc Morning News in Hindi & 0245utc in English Relay from Delhi
SINPO 45544
AIR-Aizwal 5050kHz 0250utc Morning News Relay via AIR-Delhi SINPO 45445
AIR-Shillong 4970kHz 0252utc SINPO 35443 the signal strength was fair,slight hum..
AIR-Hyderabad(?) 7420kHz 0257utc AIR-Delhi Relay Morning News
signal strength fair,QRM co-channel fair..SINPO 33442
KNLS English via MWV 15670kHz 0301-0306utc:YL annc & MV annc about Programs Features,music-English Songs SINPO 45545 & again
0310-0335utc:American HighWays feature,music,True stories from Bible, 0314utc:YL introduced music from Duran Duran
0325utc:English Express by Dick Braket etc etc
0336utc Bhutan Broadcasting Serivice(BBS) 6035kHz SINPO 45544

Date:January 09,2017
Australian Broascasting Corporation(ABC) in English was heard on 12065kHz around 1105utc onwards with good but slightly noisy signal.There was current affairs reports on air.
Here is a link of the audio recorded at 1105utc of the station:
I've very nostagic memory of tuning into Radio Australia on different frequencies...specially..the early morning-day time frequency of 17750kHz..17775kHz..And the programs...of Radio at the hour..Pacific Beat,Weekend sports coverage..Grand Stand-Sports Round Up-Country Music programs. etc etc etc .Radio Australia's live cricket coverages..on special freauencies..etc etc..which I used to tune into from 1989 onwards..almost regulary...

Bangladesh Betar's Domestic Service Relay on shortwave i.e. on 4750kHz was heard my me during my random aircheck at 1108utc with good signal & slight hum was there.
There was economic news in Bangla,station IDD Annc. etc at 1100utc,then next feature program on air.And then the signal was not there at 1117utc when I tuned into 4750kHz again.I think the transmission ended abruptly sometime after 1100utc.
Here is the link to the audio recorded around 1110utc:

More e-mails/radio updates etc soon.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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