Monday, February 13, 2017

Atlast Heard Wavescan After A Long Break On Radio

I heard on February 12th ,Wavescan,the DX Program of Adventist World Radio in English after a long break..(since 2nd sunday of November 2016)..on 15715kHz during 1600-1629UTC via KSDA Guam with fair QSA & slightly noisy & QSB &  reception quality overall was fair.The transmission was also audible on 15490kHz during the same time slot.But the reception quality was better on 15715kHz.Due to poor propagation condition,I understand the transmission was not audible here at all as per almost regular monitoring on sundays since 2nd week of November last.Last week in any of the frequencies as per their skd here.I wrote a letter to the program on the issue last week.
Earlier the reception of the program was poor & noisy on 11750kHz(via Nauen) during 1530-1600UTC. Also nothing was audible on another frequency of the program on 11955kHz (via Trincomalee,SLBC) during 1600-1630UTC.
(Rx:Grundig YB 400 ANT:Long Copper wire of 30 plus feet length & 20 plus ht..with co-axial lead in)

Here is the link to the audio recorded at 1600UTC on 15715kHz of Wavescan.

More updates etc soon
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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