Friday, March 31, 2017

Sang Sang Gun Gunanao With BBC Hindi

BBC Hindi now-a-days airs a special series "Sang Sang Gun Gunanao " on every sundays from the new spring-summer broadcasting season effective March 26,2017 on their evening transmission.It gives insights into stories behind famous Hindi songs plus musicians etc of Hindi Flim Industry with music critic Jatin Mishra.In the first episode it featured famous music director Naushad & stories behind his famous songs.
Here is the skd of BBC Hindi evening transmission on shortwave
1400-1430utc 9410kHz 9460kHz 11795kHz
And on another frequency listed as BBC Hindi on 7565kHz as per HFCC website  ,I heard a different language station (Burmese?).

Here is the audio clip of the part of BBC Hindi Promo on the series which I recorded around 0120utc on 7295kHz during their morning transmission.

And for your information BBC Hindi morning transmission's skd.
0100-0130utc 7295kHz 6155kHz 11995kHz 9915kHz 

I listed the frequencies in order of preference of usages by me.

More Such Posts etc Soon.
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Gautam Kr.Sharma(GK)

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