Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Few DX Tips

Here is a few additional radio monitoring observationswhich I like to share with you.

Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):
Receiver:Grundig YB 400 (Digital Read OUT)
Antenna:Long Copper  Wire(30 ft plus length)..height 20ft Plus  as External  Antenna
Co-axial Lead In
(for all cases)

Reach Beyond Australia In Nagamese:
Reach Beyond Australia in association with Highland Dawn Media Nagaland (HDM) is airing thrice weekly (Saturday,Sunday & wednessday) Nagamese Christian Program on shortwave on 9685kHz from 1215utc to 1245utc via Kununurra beginning May 13th of 2017.
On May 21st..I tried to listen to it..the reception was noisy..signal strength was fair but due to QRM .i.e.Side band splatter & .....QRN..poor readibility
Here is the link the audio recorded around 1215utc approx...

For your more info about what is Nagamese Language..
Please visit.. &

KNLS English via Madagarcar World Voice(MVW):
KLNS -English via MWV is facing slight co-channel QRM by a radio station broadcasting on Chinese on 9600kHz.(0200-0256UTC) per recent monitoring.
Here is a link to the audio file recorded at 0227utc on May 28th...

On two days of monitoring observations ..May 28th & 29th around 0307utc for a few moment..Instead of KNLS English  via MWV on 15515kHz...I found a Chinese Language Station with good signal...Perhaps wrong Chinese  feedof KNLS  was on air...
But from May 30th..KNLS English has been back on air with usual good signal.

Bangladesh Betar On 4750kHz On May 30th:
I heard Bangladesh Betar Home Service Relay on 4750kHz today(On May 30th) morning with good signal from around 0058utc onwards.News in Bengali was heard at 0100utc onwards.Perhaps due to Mora cyclone it was activated from early morning.
Here is a link the audio recorded at 0059utc...
But On May 31st,I didn't hear any trace of Bangladesh Betar on 4750kHz in the morning.

More monitoring observations/updates etc soon.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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