Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Few Of My Latest Observations On AIR Regional Stations On Shortwave

Here is a few of my Monitoring Observations on All India Radio(AIR) Regional Stations...on shortwave.
Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):
Receiver:Grundig YB 400 (Digital Read OUT)
Antenna:Long Copper  Wire(30 ft plus length)..height 20ft Plus  as External  Antenna
Co-axial Lead In
(for all cases)

First From our North Eastern Region...
AIR-Aizawl  is still off the air as I haven't found any signal on 5050kHz ..AIR-Gangtok on 4835kHz is now the strongest shortwave station heard in my QTH from our region.AIR-Shillong on 4970kHz is also audible with improved signal quality.
I observed AIR-Gangtok & AIR-Shilllong going off the air for a day & two or a few hours sometimes.

From Eastern Zone..& North Zone etc..
AIR-Kurseong is still off the air on 4895kHz & ...
AIR-Jeypore on 5040kHz is audible with strong signal in the morning.But sometimes its audio gets distorted. 
AIR-Bhopal is also audible on both 4810kHz & 7430kHz with variable reception.AIR-Joypur on 4910kHz is audible with poor reception.

Another interesting development..From South Zone....
AIR-Chennai is now audible with fair signal sometimes good without any co-channel QRM from Chinese Regional Station on 4920kHz for several weeks.
But AIR-Hyderabad on 4800kHs is still facing co-channel QRM from Chinese Regional Station and is still not copiable.But on 7420kHz in the morning AIR-Hyderbad is audible to some extent.
 The reception of AIR-Porblair on 4760kHz & AIR-Thiruvananthapuram on 5010kHz is not very good as the case usually happens in summer. 

But from a few days AIR-Thiruvananthapuram on 5010kHz is noted here in the morning with fair to poor reception quality.with noise & moderate fading  on 5010kHz.
I observed strong peiodic morse code signal on this frequency from time to time in the morning.
Here is the audio recording link with periodic morse code signal which I recorded around 055utc on July 10th.

More updates etc soon.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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