Wednesday, July 12, 2017

AIR Dibrugrah & AIR Guwahati On Medium Wave Again

Here is few loggings of All India Radio Dibrugrah & Guwahati A on 567kHz & 729kHz respectively as heard on my location.
Rx:Phlilips DL334 Analog (On Battery)

On The Evening Of July 7th of 2017 ,I found good signal of All India Radio(AIR)-Dibrugarh on 567kHz around 1435utc onwards...the was slight co-channel QRM Is  it NHK..or Radio Myanmar or Laos National Radio rebroadcasting of NHK...or other station???
Here is the audio recorded at around 1438utc of AIR-Dibrugarh

An interview of DXER from Jorhat, Prithwiraj purkayastha aired on All India Radio Guwahati A on 729kHz On July 7th from 1530utc.Here is the link to the 
last moment of The Interview Around 1526utc

All India Radio(AIR)-Guwahati On 729kHz medium wave was noted with good & slightly noisy signal on July 4th from 0315utc onwards.There was Geeti Malika.. the Assamese Modern   music  program composed by AIR-Guwahati's own staff & recognised artists on air...,the end of the program announcements etc,promos,regional news (all in Assamese)
Here is the link to the audio recorded at 0320utc:

73 & 55
Gautam Kr. Sharma(GK)

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