Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Listening Report Of AIl India Radio-Dibrugarh From A Long Time Silent Listener Of Western Front Of Assam

While tuning the Medium Wave Band via my Philips DL334 Rx on battery without any external antenna, I heard on July 3rd (2017).. evening in my QTH Abhayapuri rare songs of Assamese Music Legend late Jayanta Hazarika around 1423utc aprrox. onwards  on All India Radio(AIR)-Dibrugarh on 567kHz.The signal strength was good though slightly noisy with slight to moderate fading sometimes as usually the case of medium wave signal.There was very weak co-channel interference was heard sometime.In this recording attached here...this song of Late Jayanta Hazarika was never heard by me before perhaps one of the rare song....perhaps recorded in AIR-Dibrugarh studio.
Here is the link:

Here is another recording of All India Radio(AIR)-Dibrugarh on 567kHz  on same July 3rd of 2017  ..lilttle bit later at 1426utc...
The AIR-Studio version of Nibir Bane Je Matile...the evergreen Assamese Modern Song Number of Assamese Music Legend late Jayanta Hazarika & announcements in Assamese by a lady presenter..frequency & meter band etc of station & time
Here is the link to the audio:

More updates etc soon.
73 & 55
Gautam Kr. Sharma(GK)

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