Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Radio Station Nearest To Me..All India Radio-Kokrajhar

Around 60 km By Road ..Not Far Yet ...Remains To Far For Me

Yes,wayback in 2010 after several attempts I heard relatively readable signal of All India Radio-Kokrajhar on 1512kHz via my Philips DL334 Analog Rx & my Grundig YB 400 Rx signing on with usual AIR Station signature tune plus station identification announcement in Bodo Language.I still remember , my Senior DX Friend Alokesh Gupta of New Delhi called the station official at the landline telephone number  and enquried  about its going off the air for sometime during that time.He informed me about it.And I was very amazed  by his interest and commitment to DXING hobby.And after a few weeks, I heard AIR-Kokrajhar back on air on 1512kHz around 1030utc..the regular signing on time.It mainly broadcasts in Bodo Language,the language of Bodo Community Of Assam. .But I still regret that I failed to send reception report on their transmission both to their Kokrajhar address & also via e-mail to Spectrum Manager,AIR New Delhi..Recently, I tried to listen it several times but couldn't  get its signal.My another DX Friend,Swopan Chakrovorty of Kolkata who was a frequent visitor to the area because of  his job ,asked me to visit AIR-Kokrajhar Station and also expressed his desire to visit AIR-Kokrajhar with me but due to his hectic tour program, the visit couldn't take place.My friend, Sanjeev Sakar,who now stays in Kokrajhar informed me about the location of the AIR-Kokrajhar and he also promised me to accompany me .But still......
I'm not sure now the present skd of AIR-Kokrajhar and whether it is now on air on regular basis on medium wave on 1512kHz.I'll try to monitor it on 1512kHz around 1030utc utc and let me see what I find.
Wayback in 2010,I recorded a few moments of audio of AIR-Kokrajhar on 1512kHz around 1032utc ...On October 
Program Contents In The Audio File:
Bande Matharom Song,Station Idd Annc etc by a lady in Bodo
Here is the link to the audio file:

More such such reports plus monitoring observations etc soon.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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