Monday, August 14, 2017

All India Radio(AIR)'s Shortwave Coverage Live From Red Fort On Independence Day

Here is my monitoring observations of All India Radio(AIR)'s Live coverage on shortwave of Independence Day of India on August 15th(of 2017) & address to the Nation by Prime Minister of India from Red Fort , Delhi.

Receiver:Grundig YB 400 
Antenna:Long Copper  Wire(30 ft plus length)..height 20ft Plus  as External  Antenna With Co-axial Lead In
Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):
(for all cases)

AIR-Bhopal 7430kHz 0135utc Opening announcement etc..Live Comentry in Hindi from Red Fort,Good Reception Overall
Usually AIR-Bhupal is on air on 4810kHz during hour.only changes to 7430kHz around 0215-0225utc perhaps...but to give break free coverage of the PM's speech ,perhaps it AIR-Bhupal  was on 7430kHz from the start of the transmission.After getting nothing at 4810kHz around 0115utc aprrox., I retuned my Rx to 7430kHz..& heard regional news in Hindi on air.

AIR-Bengaluru (?)...... 15040kHz 0137utc Commentary in English Fair To Good Signal
AIR-Mumbai(?) 7340kHz 0138utc Commentary in Hindi,Fair Overall reception

AIR-Shillong 4970kHz 0140utc Commentary in English ,fair signal

AIR-Bengaluru 9865kHz 0141utc Commentary in Hindi,Good Signal

AIR--Aligarh(?) 9380kHz 0142utc Commentary in Hindi,Poor Signal,QRM Side Band Splatter
AIR-Chennai 7380kHz 0143utc Commentary in English,Fair signal,slightly slighlty distorted perhaps due to co-channel interference 

AIR-Gangtok 4835kHz 0145utc Commentary in Hindi,fair signal with slight fading,slightly noisy

AIR-Jeypore 5040kHz 0150utc Poor Noisy

AIR-Bengaluru (?)...... 15040kHz 0150-0209utc Commetary in English,National Anthem..Speech of  Prime Minister of India From Red Fort in Hindi ,Good
AIR-Bengaluru (?)...... 15040kHz 0211 to02 0220utc  ,Speech of  Prime Minister of India From Red Fort in Hindi  , Good Reception

Nothing of AIR-Kurseong  on 4895kHz & AIR-Aizawl on 5050kHz,along with AIR-Hyderabad on 7420kHz (like AIR-Bhopal on 7430kHz) was heard. 

There has been no radio audio recorded this time..more precisely for past several   days I my recording device went out of order & will have to purchase another one...via online shopping. until then no radio recordings from me...

More monitoring updates etc soon.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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