Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Me & My Cousin,Nirban In Eyeball QSO After A Long Break

Nirban, a cousin of mine,visited our residence at Abhayapuri,after a gap of two years with his family on the way to Gauripur from Guwahati On August 11th.It was great pleasure to have eyeball QSO with him after a long gap.We discussed many topics.
He is always on the move due to his job with a top retailer marketing chain.This has prevented him for visiting his relatives now-a-days.
The Wx condition was very poor with heavy monsoon rains for past 24 hours here.And we did an amazing thing favourite past time of me the monsoon rain..floating paper boat..on water.. ..Nirban made a paper boat....& I floated it on water gathered on our garden due to rain...But heavy rain destoryed it at once...after lunch we enjoyed listening to English songs on air on Radio.. 6035kHz ..Bhutan Broadcasting Service(BBS)..we discussed also about radio listening..specially FM Radio listening in North Eastern capital Guwahati..
Such a visit always refreshes me.....


73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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