Thursday, November 9, 2017

AIR Srinagar 4950kHz Plus A Few Observations

AIR(All India Radio) Srinagar 4950kHz On November 8,2017:
Rx:GDYB 400 ANT:30ft plus long & 20 plus height of copper wire with co-axial lead in
Place Of Monitoring:Abhayapuri

Program Details Heard:0058utc:Signature Tune Of AIR,0100utc: Bande Matorom,announcement of Station, Male Announcer..(Sabbir perhaps)..0101utc flute tune..Sehnai recital.
Technical comment:QSA was fair,slight distorted audio of a station could be heard ..not sure whether it was another station..slight noise..QSB was there..overall fair.. during voice transmission audio quality was slight rough .slightly difficult to copy

Special Note:
I heard this station on the previous morning also but was not sure it was AIR Srinagar..or different radio station.Also as per info in the AIR Printing skd of summer..AIR Srinagar goes on air from 0025utc on 4950 kHz..perhaps its late signing on due to winter season of broadcast skd change.

A Few Others Observations:
As happening for past several months..AIR-Aizawl is still off the air on 5050kHz..along with AIR-Kurseong on 4895kHz...& for past several days I'm also unable to listen to AIR-Portblair on 4760kHz.

More updates etc soon.
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Assamese in B17

Here is the schedule of of three international radio stations(All Gospel Stations) broadcasting  in Assamese Language
for this summer season of broadcast i.e.B17 effective   October 29th of 2017 To March 24th of 2018
(The skd is posted as..station name 
transmitter site power 
time frequency days of broadcast format)

Trans World Radio(TWR) 
KTWR Agana,Guam (100kW) 
1215-1245UTC on 11695kHz (Monday To Friday)
Adventist World Radio(AWR)
KSDA Agat,Guam(100kW)
1330-1400UTC on 11900kHz (Sunday & Wednessday )

Gospel For Asia(Athmeeya Yatra Radio ) 
Nauen(MBR),Germany (250kW)
0015 to 0030UTC on 7380kHz  (Saturday & Sunday)

Besides this from a few months into the last season of broadcast another Gospel Station Reach Beyond Australia (HCJB)began broadcasting in Nagamese.The skd for this season..
Reach Beyond Australia (HCJB In Nagamese)
1215-1245UTC on 11825kHz (Sunday,Wednessday & Saturday)
More information about Nagamese..
Please visit..

More inputs/monitoring updates etc soon.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

An Evening From Moscow via Voice Of Russia With Sudhakantha Bhupen Hazarkia

Today on this evening way back in 2011,The Living Legend  Bhupen Hazarika passed away ..With his death an era has come to an end ..His songs were requested & played in Bengali Services of Deutsche Welle Radio..Voice of Russia..Voice Of America, Radio Japan NHK World....They aired Bengali Versions of Bhupen Hazarika's songs..I can remember till now...once in April way back in early 2000s in  Deutsche Welle Radio-Bengali's then Club Corner Program...the host Abdus Sattar played an Assamese Song..."Mitha Mitha Bohagor..Geet Eti Ke Roso.Buli Bhabilo......a song on sweet sweet Bohag..I'm Thinking of  writing..."(poor translation sorry for that)
Its a rare occasion..I recorded the moment online but could trace it now..what a lost for me....
Even wayback in early 1990s when late Nasiur Rehman, noted Radio Personality from Assam.. former News Reader of AIR Delhi Assamese News after retiring from AIR ..went to Moscow to revive the then Assamese Serivce of Radio Moscow (Voice of Russia) ..& I heard ..Songs of Bhupen Hazarika was the regular in the 15 minutes of the transmission in the evening loud & clear.
Several years gone by..........
And then on March 28th of 2009 in the last broadcast via shortwave  of Voice of Russia's Bengali Service at the request of a listener A Bengali song of Dr.Bhupen Hazarika was played..The frequency was on 7305kHz & the audio recorded from 1549utc..
Here is the link to the audio..

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Tribute To The CID Inspector Of "Morichika"

Good Evening!!!

And Remembering My Uncle(Moha..Dr.Bhupesh Chakraborty) With  Whom I Spend Many Hours Discussing About many things specially on cultural topics. ..films..and sometimes on sports....During My Nearly Seven Years In Goalpara Town...He was my most favourite person with whom like to talk & share..Though Senior To Me by at least 4 decades....I never felt any difficultly sharing my thoughts with him..such was his personality ..adjustments. He was also an actor and a singer.And acted in many dramas.Once he informed me that he acted as a lady in a drama.And shared with me a very funny story about it...He appeared in a role of CID Inspector in  "Morichika"(the Assamese film released in 1972..directed by Amulyo Manna..Music by Jitu-Tapan).

He likes to talk. & share his thoughts ..& could talk non-stopping. with his unique style , charming expressions ..And that's why  I mentioned HIM sometimes jokingly to Pomda (his elder son.) The Talking Engine....He was very popular personality in Goalpara Town......And both his sons..Pom Da & John Da when I visited  their Goalpara residence on last sunday evening ...They Mentioned that Your "Talking Engine" ..shut down for good..........IN Amateur Radio.. Has Become A Silent Key......

Rest In Peace....
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

Greg Scott & KSDA Signing Off Announcement

I read a post from Adventist World Radio in the Facebook ...Greg Scott,Senior Vice President of AWR is leaving  after 30 years of service in various positions with beginning in 1987 as Program Director at AWR's Guam Shortwave Station(KSDA,Agat,Guam)...

And He is the same Greg Scott whose signing off announcement I heard  on numerous occasions  after every Wavescan on sundays at the end of transmission of KSDA Agat Guam of AWR.You can hear the recording of that announcement from my Radio Audio Collection wayback from December 5th of 2010 around 1658utc on 9790kHz.

Here is the link to the audio recorded

I wish Him My Heartiest Well Wishes...
God Bless Him!!!!
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)