Thursday, November 9, 2017

AIR Srinagar 4950kHz Plus A Few Observations

AIR(All India Radio) Srinagar 4950kHz On November 8,2017:
Rx:GDYB 400 ANT:30ft plus long & 20 plus height of copper wire with co-axial lead in
Place Of Monitoring:Abhayapuri

Program Details Heard:0058utc:Signature Tune Of AIR,0100utc: Bande Matorom,announcement of Station, Male Announcer..(Sabbir perhaps)..0101utc flute tune..Sehnai recital.
Technical comment:QSA was fair,slight distorted audio of a station could be heard ..not sure whether it was another station..slight noise..QSB was there..overall fair.. during voice transmission audio quality was slight rough .slightly difficult to copy

Special Note:
I heard this station on the previous morning also but was not sure it was AIR Srinagar..or different radio station.Also as per info in the AIR Printing skd of summer..AIR Srinagar goes on air from 0025utc on 4950 kHz..perhaps its late signing on due to winter season of broadcast skd change.

A Few Others Observations:
As happening for past several months..AIR-Aizawl is still off the air on 5050kHz..along with AIR-Kurseong on 4895kHz...& for past several days I'm also unable to listen to AIR-Portblair on 4760kHz.

More updates etc soon.
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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