Saturday, November 4, 2017

Tribute To The CID Inspector Of "Morichika"

Good Evening!!!

And Remembering My Uncle(Moha..Dr.Bhupesh Chakraborty) With  Whom I Spend Many Hours Discussing About many things specially on cultural topics. ..films..and sometimes on sports....During My Nearly Seven Years In Goalpara Town...He was my most favourite person with whom like to talk & share..Though Senior To Me by at least 4 decades....I never felt any difficultly sharing my thoughts with him..such was his personality ..adjustments. He was also an actor and a singer.And acted in many dramas.Once he informed me that he acted as a lady in a drama.And shared with me a very funny story about it...He appeared in a role of CID Inspector in  "Morichika"(the Assamese film released in 1972..directed by Amulyo Manna..Music by Jitu-Tapan).

He likes to talk. & share his thoughts ..& could talk non-stopping. with his unique style , charming expressions ..And that's why  I mentioned HIM sometimes jokingly to Pomda (his elder son.) The Talking Engine....He was very popular personality in Goalpara Town......And both his sons..Pom Da & John Da when I visited  their Goalpara residence on last sunday evening ...They Mentioned that Your "Talking Engine" ..shut down for good..........IN Amateur Radio.. Has Become A Silent Key......

Rest In Peace....
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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