Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A Band Scan On Sunday afternnoon..December 3rd..2017

Rx:Grundig YB 400 & ANT:40ft long ..plus 30ft ht. Copper wire
9525kHz 1053utc Voice Of Indonesia English Announcement about its website..e-mail idds..various social media platforms..etc by YL..Music..good SIGS
11610kHz..1103utc Radio New Zeland Inlt.English News..report by YL..Fair SIGS Noisy
6035kHz BBS English was on air with back to back English Hits later around 1050utc perhaps but while checking on 1100utc no BBS..but Chinese Station signing on..& also along with English Idd announcement..Yuan Broadcasting..type Idd..not very strong SIGS
 9740kHz 1055utc (to 1106utc several airchecks) BBCWS Good SIGS..strong QRN..as usually the case for a long time on some BBCWS frequencies.
4750kHz Bangladesh Betar 1103utc(?) English News perhaps..(forgot) GOOD Strong SIGS..
4760kHz.AIR Portblair..After 1100utc Fair SIGS..noisy reception
4970kHz AIR Shillong Good SIGS around same time..
An Interesting Observation*..
 102.6MHz AIR Goalpara AIR FM Rainbow Relay ..around 1046utc..aprrox. closing announcement of program of Adventist Media Centre* by YL..other announcement followed after that..Good SIGS..55555 

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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