Monday, January 8, 2018

All India Radio(AIR)-Chennai With Hum On Its Shortwave Frequencies

AIR Chennai was heard with hum last evening i.e.January 7th here in my QTH Abhayapuri(Assam) around 1306utc on 4920kHz.Perhaps the co-channel Chinese Local Radio Station's signal was weak.And this morning i.e.on January 7th ,no hum was audible on 4920kHz though Strong Signal  Chinese Regional Station was audible.And later in the morning nothing audible of AIR-Chennai  on  another morning frequency 7380kHz.Instead , weak signal of another station with reciting from perhaps from the Holy Koran was audible.I guess AIR-Chennai was off the air this morning during my monitoring period.Thanks Jose Jacob(VU2JOS) of NIAR,Hyderabad, .a keen observer plus monitor of All India Radio Stations, reporting about the sever hum   on AIR Chennai shortwave frequencies  in DX Circles.(I also observed that..I thought it was due to some fault in our domestic AC Power supply system or receiver or other reasons but no such hum audible on other frequencies adjacent frequencies or meter bands...thanks for the information.Usually AIR-Chennai is facing severe QRM from co-channel Chinese Domestic Station on 4920kHz. here in mt location in Abhayapuri in Western Assam.But now-a-days in the evening-night due to weak signal from China the signal of AIR-Chennai can be heard well.But for last a few days..this hum problem began...However I didn't check AIR-Chennai on 7380kHz in the morning for a few week or so)
Here is the video that I recorded as mentioned last evening..

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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