Tuesday, April 3, 2018

From Pages Of Radio Diary ..A Few Latest Entries

Here is a brief summary of a few overseas radio stations I heard on April 1st,2nd & 3rd  of 2018 at my QTH,Abhayapuri.
I also recorded audios & mentioned the links to the audios.Please bear for the poor quality of recordings due to the inferior quality of the recording device.

Rx:Grundig Yacht Boy 400 
ANT:78ft length & 30ft height of Copper wire with coax lead in
Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):

Date:April 1,2018
Radio New Zealand International(RNZI) English 1140utc onwards 7425kHz fair to poor Noisy Signal  Sideband Splatters etc.
Reach Beyond Australia in Nagamese 1208utc 9685kHz Signal was fair but QRM as a form of sideband splatter was there & difficult to copy the audio contents sometimes.
Radio Japan Bengali 1300utc onwards 11685kHz Good SIGS with slight noise & fading News & Sunday Mailbag Program Katha O Sur was aired.
RVA-Bengali 1400utc  onwards  11880kHz Good Signal Opening announcements.message on the occasion of Easter (as far as I could recall).
Adventist World Radio(AWR)-Assamese  was heard with good signal though slight QRM was there on 9955kHz (Via Tashkent) from 1330utc.
Here is the link to the audio recorded around 1357utc.

RVA-Bengali 1400utc  onwards  11880kHz Good Signal Opening announcements.message on the occasion of Easter (as far as I could recall)
Radio Japan Hindi 1430utc 15745kHz Poor Signal difficult to copy.
 Adventist Word Radio Wavescan Reception:
AWR Wavescan heard with good SIGS on 9580kHz via TRM SLBC from 1600utc 
There was slight sideband splatter from a station broadcasting on 9570kHz.There was interesting features and informations aired on this edition of Wavescan. And here is such an information...One & Only The Great AMP will be back with Radio Memories...Live
Please listen to the audio recorded around 1616utc approx. to know about it..
And nothing was  audible here on 11950kHz on the parallel frequency (1600utc) via Bulgaria relay.
Also earlier  very weak signal of AWR Wavescan  was heard  from Nauen on 15670kHz ..1530utc onwards  here in my location.
A special note:
Surprisingly today I didn't find signal of  Bangladesh Betar Domestic Service Relay on shortwave  on 4750kHz during several aircheck in the evening.

Date:April 2,2018:
SLBC Hindi Service on 11905kHz was heard with fair Signal with slightly distorted audio plus noise etc during 0130-0230utc.
KNLS Alaska English via MWV 0259utc onwards  on 15515kHz was heard with good signal.
Here is the link to the audio recorded at 0300utc

Earlier heard good signal with slight fading KNLS Alaska English via MWV on 9600utc during 0200-0256utc during several airchecks.But slight hum type noise plus traces of co-channel station's signal could be heard in the background.

Radio Taiwan International English was heard with  very weak signal on 15320kHz from 0303utc onwards.
Also nothing audible of Radio Romania International English Service on 11825kHz during 0300-0356utc.

Date:April 3,2018
Radio Japan Hindi was heard with good reception on 9820kHz from 0111utc to 0120utc.

More monitoring observations etc soon.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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