Sunday, July 8, 2018

All India Radio(AIR) North Eastern Regional Shortwave Update

All India Radio(AIR) Gangtok on 4835kHz:
AIR-Gangtok on 4835kHz now-a-days during my monitoring for several days during 0130-0330utc approx. has been received with good signal & audio.The noise (hum ) which was often heard with the audio of AIR-Gangtok is not observed by me.Perhaps the transmitter problem might have been rectified fully.Let me check AIR-Gangtok on 4835kHz in coming days.
Here is the link to the audio recorded of AIR-Gangtok on 4835kHz around 0304utc on July 7th:

Other Observations:
Still no trace of AIR-Kurseong on 4895kHz & AIR-Aizawl on 5050kHz.And AIR-Shillong is audible with good to fair signal strength on the observed frequency of 4970kHz but sometimes with low intensity audio(low modulation) & rough audio also.

Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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