Friday, July 6, 2018

Radio Veritas Asia(RVA) Now Gone Silent On Shortwave

Finally, RVA,(based in Quezon City  Philippines) has ended its shortwave transmissions on June 30th(2018) after several decades of active period on shortwave in different Asian Languages including Indian Sub-continent Languages Bengali,Urdu & Hindi (which was continued several seasons back).RVA will continue its programs on different languages on various online platforms( via internet etc).
Its very painful for  me after several years of listening to RVA  specially in three langauges i.e.Bengali,Hindi & Urdu... listen to their last broadcast on shortwave in Bengali on 11880kHz on June 30th..from 1400utc.I usually listened to RVA-Bengali more than other two langauges mentioned.They used to broadcast features on all religions despite being a Catholic Station and this was unique.And besides this they also used to broadcast many educational & development features(Chetana,Rockomari,Sansoy & Shawbolombon etc) which was really impressed me.And there DX feature- information  about technological & cyber world  Aaj Keyer Ganamdhyam was very useful for me.I also used to send my Radio Monitoring Infos..i.e.Dx Tips to the program.
Here is the audio file recorded..around the beginning of the last broadcast around 1400utc:
And here is the last a few moments of RVA Bengali broadcast around 1425utc on 11880kHz:

And RVA used to publish a newsletter called UPLINK for several years and I used to receive this newsletter until it was discontinued.
Here is the snap of   front pages of a few  of them.

Wavescan, The DX Program Of Adventist World Radio (AWR) aired two parts series On RVA  to mark this development of RVA leaving shortwave on their June 24th & July 1st edition of the program.
Here is the link to the audio recorded around 1600utc for a few seconds on 9580kHz Of Wavescan on July Ist..

Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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