Saturday, November 15, 2008

ABC Radio, the First Bangladesh FM Station logged by Me

Hi!!! Guys!!!
On November 9,2008 while scaning the FM Band of Grundig YB 400 Rx I got
fair signal of ABC Radio broadcasting from Dhaka Bangladesh on 89.2MHz
around 1530UTC. There was news & followed by station identification &
frequency annoucements plus back to regular programming announcements
etc.This was the first time I logged a FM Radio Station of Bangladesh
was heard by me. I'll try to log it again in this winter & try to
record a few moments of audio with station identification announcments
I'm sorry that I couldn't record the audio of it that day.
And again on morning of that sunday i.e.November 9th, after a long
period, I heard also AIR FM Rainbow relay from Shillong on 103.6 MHz
with good signal.I recorded a moments of audio around 0230UTC
onwards.I'll try to add link later on to the audio files of various
radio stations I logged & radio audios of that stations in mp3 format.
And for your info, the reception of ABC Radio from Dhaka was not heard
with audible signal after that sunday i.e. November 9,2008.
And also I'm receiving poor signal of All India Radio Nowgaon on
102.7MHz during morning hours.For your kind info, Nowgaon is the
district HQ town of Nowgaon District situated nearly 120km away from
More updates etc later.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma
Abhayapuri(Assam) (India)
Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):

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