Saturday, March 14, 2009

Radio Japan in Bengali,Hindi & Urdu in A09

Here is the time & frequency schedule of Radio Japan NHK World in Bengali,Hindi & Urdu Languages effective March 29,2009. And all transmission will be relayed from transmitters in Uzbekistan in place of Wertachtal,Germany.
Bengali from 1300 to 1345 UTC on 15215kHz
Hindi from 1345 to 1430UTC on 9585kHz
Urdu from 1430 to 1515UTC on 9680kHz
And this is for the first time as far as my 12 years of regular listening to Radio Japan in Bengali,Hindi & Urdu Languages perhaps, they will be using different frequencies for these transmissions.
This information was disclosed in Radio Japan's Hindi Service's Sunday Mailbag Programme "Cheri Ke Desh Say" & also later in Urdu Service's sunday Mailbag Programme on March 01,2009.
It was mentioned earlier by Radio Japan that they would be relaying their Bengali,Hindi & Urdu Transmissions from transmitters in Uzbekistan effective March 29,2009 in place of present Wertachtal,Germany for better reception in target areas i.e. in South Asia.
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