Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Few Radio Related News

Here is a few radio related news which I like to share with you.

VOA Bangla Chief  Meeting Listeners at Kolkata & Dhaka:
Voice of America(VOA) Bangla Chief Ms Rukya Hyder is now on official tour to Bangladesh.She  will visit Kolkata too.She will meet listeners of VOA Bangla of West Bengal at American Centre Library Pavilion at Kolkata Bookfair on sunday February 3rd in afternoon between 3 to 4PM.And on sunday , February 10th , she will meet listeners of VOA Bangla in Bangladesh at Dhaka's Daffodil University Auditorium ,Dhanmandi  from 5PM. I heard this information on VOA Bangla transmission on shortwave on February Ist.

Bangladesh Betar back on 4750kHz:
Bangladesh Betar Domestic Service was noted on 4750kHz again on January 30th (2013) around 0844UTC by me & also later in the evening. As observed latest on 1056UTC on  January 31st, it is on 4750kHz.So, they have perhaps corrected the fault for which past several days it was observed on 4752kHz.
Earlier,it was noted on the afternoon  & also later on  January 26th on 4752kHz instead of its regular frequency of 4750kHz.The audio can be audible upto 4755kHz.I was surprised to note this last afternoon.Perhaps a few radio monitors might have reported this before me.
Also I like to mention a few radio station broadcasting slightly on different frequency other than its regular announced frequency ..
Voice of Vietnam English has been noted on 7215kHz during 1530-1600UTC instead of 7220kHz .
Also as reported by many radio monitoris in DX Newsletters etc, Voice of Indonesia transmissions can be observed still broadcasting on 9526kHz instead of 9525kHz.And also Mayanmar Radio has been on air on 5986kHz instead of its regular 5985kHz...
These are a few cases to mention.

 World Radio Day  February 13th in Radio Romania International...:
Please send your recorded  message  in mp3 format in less than 60 seconds on  what radio means to you... to Radio Romania International-English for the occasion of World Radio Rady on February 13th..Details please check their website..Why not send your message via e-mail attachement ....
Just to inform you Radio Romania International's 85th anniversary is just months away...

More radio related news plus radio monitoring informations soon.

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Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)