Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Radio Update Related to Nepal

I'm  Safe here in Abhayapuri,Assam,India...!!!
The earthquake that struck Nepal also felt greatly here around 11.41AM Local Time(0611UTC) on April 25th & then two after shocks also felt by me around 12.19PM(0639UTC) on April 25th itself....later on April 26th around 12.42PM(0712UTC) also...

Radio Update...BBC Nepali
I heard perhaps special shortwave transmission of BBC Nepali due to the earthquake in Nepal on 11995 & 15510kHz(my monitored frequencies) from 0130UTC onwards on April 27th after BBC Hindi transmission in the morning (0100-0130UTC) .I montiored for a few minutes.
Here is the link to the  audio recorded around 0134utc on 11995kHz...

Radio Nepal on Medium Wave on Air:
And I heard on April 27th evening Radio Nepal on mediumwave from 1358UTC onwards on 684kHz(via Pokhara?) broadcasting earthquake related updates & announcements plus talks with admistrative officials of various districts about damage,deaths & search & rescue & relief operations etc etc.The reception was good to fair with occasional fading (slight interference sometime from Bangladesh Betar broadcasting on 693kHz from time to time)via my Philips DL334 portable receiver on battery.There was another frequency which the same transmission was on air i.e. on 648kHz(via Dhankuta ?) but the reception was poor.

Here is the links to the audio files I recorded of Radio Nepal on 684kHz.
First audio recorded at 1546UTC..
And  at 1549UTC.

More updates etc soon.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):

From Pages of My Radio NoteBook in 2014

Here is a few entries from pages of my Radio Notebook  which  I entered during 2014 which I like to share with my readers.

Its Now Official......::
Yes, as news circulated in DXING Circle about official  closer of shortwave transmission(rather closer of shortwave stations)  of some All India Radio(AIR) Regional Stations..like AIR-Guwahati A on 4940kHz(Morning & evening-night)) & 7280kHz(Day) .......Now-a-days...on announcement about their frequency of operation ..only medium wave frequency is mentioned..earlier for many months...there was mention of usual parallel shortwave frequency ...during their regular frequency announcement...as I heard during my several monitoring sessions of  AIR Guwahati A on 729kHz  ...And it was despite the fact..that for a very long time their parallel  shortwave frequency was off the air. It is to be noted for a long time  AIR-Guwahati A was on the air on on shortwave frequency...on 4940kHz(Morning & evening-night)) & 7280kHz(Day) in addition to  729kHz on medium wave.
And also there is  no mention of AIR Guwahati A on 4940/7280kHz in the official All India Radio Printed B14 Frequency Guide.
As reported in Wavescan(DX Program of Adventist World Radio) last month..perhaps on November 23rd edition(of 2014),AIR closed down their shortwave stations located in at Gorakhpur, Jammu, Mumbai & Ranchi along with Guwahati....Only Mumbai was active in recent time as reported in Wavescan.
So, Its Now Official After A Long Silence!!!

AIR-Kolkata A via Chinsurah  Still On Testing Mode!!!!
No Mention of All India Radio(AIR)-Kolkata A  on 1134kHz & on 594  via Chinsurah (1000kW) in official AIR Printed B14 Frequency Guide has been made.I think AIR Kolkata A plus others transmissions via Chinsurah on 1134 & 594kHz still on test mode as posted by Jose Jacob (VU2JOS) in his AIR MW Station Details Data Sheet in his website..That's why no mention of it on the official AIR Printed B14 Frequency Guide.I'm yet to check on 594kHz but on 1134kHz in the evening the reception quality is good usually & sometimes blasting i.e. the term used by DXERs to describe  excellent signal.

DW Radio Urdu No Longer via Shortwave:
Deutsche Welle Radio Urdu ended their shortwave transmission from the start of  B14 season.And finally the end came.I got clear indication of this  whenever I tuned into their Mailbag program on sundays in B13 & A14 season.Though not mentioned directly about it, but  the hosts stressed on new media platforms like social media plus internet, FM rebroadcast via partner stations etc etc..This clearly indicated about the end of its shortwave broadcast...very soon.

VOA-Bangla Only via Medium Wave on1575kHz ,its long standing frequency & related VOA News ::
Another sad news came when I heard on air on June 30th....that from July 1st Tuesday (2014) Voice Of America Bangla no longer be heard on shortwave & the program would be heard on 190m on medium wave.....!!!And the another shocking news came later on July Ist....VOA News Now ended their shortwave transmission for Asia also on June 30th(2014)....itself...!!!So Double Shock!!

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)