Monday, January 22, 2018

A Few Radio Monitoring Observations

Here is a few recent radio monitoring observations of me at my location.

Rx:Grundig YB 400 ANT:78ft length & 30ft height of Copper wire with coax lead in
Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):

All India Radio(AIR) Gangtok Back With Hum on 4835kHz:
AIR-Gangtok noted with hum & with low level audio on 4835kHz this morning (i.e.January 22nd,2018)  during an aircheck from 0312utc onwards.AIR Gangtok was not heard here for past several days as per my monitoring.
And only observed with hum this morning by me.
Here is the recording at around 0314utc..
(Please excuse me for poor quality of audio due to the recording device)

More Updates On All India Radio Regional Shortwave Stations:
AIR Chennai is now hum free and can be audible both on 4920kHz & 7380kHz ( in the morning) here in place.In the evening-night when co-channel station from China is weaker , AIR-Chennai is audible with satisfactory reception on 4920kHz But in the morning the AIR-Chennai is completedly blocked by the co-channel Chinese Regional Station on 4920kHz.

AIR-Portblair is also audible sometimes with fair signal on 4760kHz in the evening-night and sometimes in the morning.
But still here no trace of signal of AIR-Kurseong on 4895kHz & AIR-Aizawl on 5050kHz.Other regional shortwave stations audible here in my place is AIR-Bhopal on 4810kHz & 7430kHz (Morning,day) and AIR-Jaipur on 4910kHz and another AIR-Jeypore on the most  consistence reception giving   shortwave station here in my place.AIR-Shillong is audible here but its audio intensity level is at low level now-a-days( low modulation?) and also the audio is also slightly rough.

Radio New Zealand International English on 9890kHz:
Radio New Zealand International(RNZI) English on 9890kHz during 1100-1300utc (effective from January 13th..2018 .Courtesty Alokesh Gupta for updating me about schedule) is facing severe (rather completedly blocked) by a co-channel station perhaps China based Station in unidentifed language.
However  on January 20th..I heard around 1221utc onwards for for 15 minutes or so satisfactory signal of that RNZI English with slight to moderate fading without any co-channel interference with SINPO 45434.But on January 21st, there was heavy co-channel interference there on 9890kHz. as per my aircheck from 1100utc..with time signal..etc plus news from RNZI by a lady perhaps with fair signal..and then RNZI signal was completedly blocked by the co-channel station.

KNLS Spanish Feed On English Slot on 15560kHz via KNLS Madagascar World Voice(MWV):
On January 19th, KNLS Spanish Programs was on air in place of regular KNLS English Program from 0300utc on 15560kHz.This has happened on a few  occasions last year.But today i.e. January 22nd I heard regular KNLS English Program from 0300utc on 15560kHz.Previously it was also faced slight to moderate interefence as a form side band splatter  from Chinese based station broadcasting on 15570kHz but now-a-days due to weak signal of Chinese station, no interference was observed.
Voice Of Mongolia(VOM) English on 12085kHz:
As per my recent monitoring observation VOM English on 12085kHz  is also facing heavy interference from a  station broadcasting on 12080kHz during its usual transmission from 0900-0930utc.Its very difficult to copy the contents of the broadcast.

AWR Wavescan Not Audible:
And like the previous sundays,this past sunday i.e.on January 21st , Wavescan, the DX Program of Adventist World Radio(AWR) was not audible on its two frequenies 15715kHz (Via KSDA Agat,Guam) & on 17730kHz perhaps via MDC Madagascar  during 1600-1630utc.

 More monitoring observations etc soon.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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