Tuesday, February 13, 2018


(Drawing Courtesy:Niloy Sarma)

On the occasion of World Radio Day today i.e.February 13th, I wish my heartiest well wishes to all who are associated with Radio & my special acknowledgement and thanks goes to Mr.Tapan Kumar Pathak, who introduced me to active radio listening and the hobby of DXING after a long spell of passive radio listening and also I like to mention and my regards goes to four wonderful persons associated with radio with whom I comes with contact via this radio listening hobby ..MY FOUR RADIO QUARTET (like the famous four West Indices pace quartet...Andy Roberts..Melcom Marshall..Michael Holdings..Joel Garner..)..A Gupta, S Chakraborty...A Roy..TR Rajeesh...
And also my heartiest well wishes to goes to Mr.A Mondal .Mr P S Goswami .Mr.P Purkayastha.....
And on personal front...since 1989 my life & career etc due to various reasons going down & down in terms of so called social status index of society ..and ..most avoiding me...becomes strangers...still my interest for radio has gone up..And radio is ...and now it has been growing for interactive part of the radio...two way radio...Amateur Radio...Not a technical person ..but still trying my best to learn the technical aspects of Radio.....update my knowledge...theoretically and practically...
And also I wish my greetings to all members of Amateur Radio Society Of Assam(ARSA) on the occasion of World Radio Day .And hope many will soon become active on Amateur Radio hobby in Assam..
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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