Monday, April 2, 2018

April Fool Sunday Radio Special

Here is a few radio monitoring observations on April 1,2018 at my QTH at Abhayapuri of All India Radio (AIR) Stations on shortwave.
Rx:Grundig Yacht Boy 400 ANT:78ft length & 30ft height of Copper wire with coax lead in
Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):

(Please click the links to the audios & bear with the quality of the audio recorded due to poor recording device)    

AIR Urdu On 9620kHz:
AIR Urdu Service was heard on 9620kHz with good signal in the morning.Jose Jacob(VU2JOS) from Hyderabad  observed (In DX India Yahoo Groups) earlier about this frequency shift of AIR Urdu Service instead of its normal 6140kHz.
Here is the link to the audio recorded around 0055utc of AIR Urdu on 0620kHz
(Brief Summary Of Audio Contents:News in Urdu, announcement about a Qawali Song & song aired..all male)

An Observation Of AIR on 7270kHz Via Chennai(?):
As per my observation(though I'm not an expert on the field), its transmission is perhaps slighly distorted as observed this morning from 0130utc onwards.And also on 40mb Amateur band on 7145kHz LSB where a regular Amateur Radio Net takes place in the morning .while listening to the hamnet this morning I also found distorted sideband splatter type audio on & around  7145.And later two Amateur Radio Operators ,were on the net,also discussed about the QRM on the band.And previously also All India Radio Transmitter's spurous transmission was heard out of band and I did again an aircheck on 7270kHz around 0225utc onwards with slightly distorted audio  and I observed this AIR station broadcasting on 7270kHz might be the cause of splatter..QRM...due to spurous transmission from the transmitter. Let me discuss with experts about this and also observe this for a few days.
From A3E Emission From The Scotland Of East:
AIR-Shillong 4970kHz 1344utc Good Signal  Mukesh's Song Mere Juta Hai Japani ..followed by lady presenter talked about Raj Kapoor's relation with Nargis..Raj Kapoor's own voice was aired.
Here is the link to the audio recorded at 1345utc

AIR-Gangtok With Severe QRM Again:
AIR-Gangtok was noted with good signal in the morning on 4835kHz.But later in the evening during my aircheck,I heard AIR-Gangtok  with strong hum type noise on 4835kHz.Its from several weeks now sometimes strong hum type noise is noted with AIR-Gangtok signal & then again next day or after sometime noise is not there the audio becomes clear.I wonder whether it is due to technical problem in the transmitter or else.
Here is a recording of the transmission around 1347utc.

Some Other Obervations On AIR Stations On Shortwave:
AIR Vividh Bharati was noted with good strong signal throughout the sunday evening on 9865kHz.I heard the Comedy show Hawa Mahal (1430-1444utc)...the drama named Muje Malum Nehi..was aired & it was produced by a regional station of AIR.
AIR Chennai was noted with South Indian Classical song on 4920kHz around 1444utc with good signal but co-channel QRM from Regional Station of China was there but not very strong.
Still no trace of AIR-Kurseong on 4895kHz &  AIR-Aizawl on 5050kHz.

Surprisingly today I didn't find signal of  Bangladesh Betar Domestic Service Relay on shortwave  at 4750kHz during aircheck in the evening.

More monitoring observations etc soon.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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