Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Few Monitoring Updates

Here is a few radio monitoring observations which I like to share with my blog readers.

Receiver Used:Grundig YB 400
Antenna Used:Long Copper  Wire(30 ft plus length)..height 20ft Plus  as External  Antenna with Co-axial Lead In

Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) In Hindi on 11905kHz:
I also heard SLB Hindi on11905kHz from 0115utc onwards on March 24th.The signal strength was not so strong, but fair ,noise & hum was there.
Here is the link to the audio recorded around 0115utc signing on.
(Music,Time Signal,announcement about local time,Station idd & frequency ,program etc in Hindi by a lady,music aired-devotional song in Hindi by Lata Mangeskar)

Bangladesh Betar on 15105kHz:
Bangladesh Betar External Service In English was heard with poor overall reception on 15105kHz On March 23rd from 1229utc onwards for a few moments.The signal was poor but readable with difficullty ..noisy & also facing QRM as side band splatter from a radio station broadcasting on 15110kHz.(China Radio International In Chinese..)
Here is the lin to  the audio recorded at 1230utc..
(Music,announcement about frequency etc in English by a lady) 

Border Crossings With Larry London On Air On VOA:
Voice of America( VOA) English was heard on 15580kHz with good signal with QSB from 1500utc onwards on March 22nd ..
Audio reccorded at 1504utc ..
(closing moments of News bulletin,Larry London with Border Crossings)

More Monitoring Updates etc Soon.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

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