Friday, June 5, 2020

My Experiments With Antenna

Here is..rather was the 40mb dipole Horizontal centre feed coaxial antenna ...the snap was taken sometime before the partial dismantle of it for repair maintenance work its centre feed arrangement was not to my no solderding was done...just wrapped the two wires with coax's black tapping only..though no apparent leakage of water etc...anyway this time I will try to improve this centre feed arrangement...soldering will be done at two ends connections with coax...two ends will be tips will be insulated with slight drop of feviquick adhesive liquid besides usual black tapping...etc centre feed...PVC pipe cuttings may be used....Let far it goes...if after installation at the same direction as mentioned in the attached pix ..reception does not improve..may try it as Inverted V position or other orientation or ..wire materials will be changed to 1.5sg mm multi stranded  in place of present 2.5 sq mm ...let me experiments..--
I request you to send me your feed back at the location..of my antenna plus orientation...etc etc...both at the reception point & transmitting angle...Height 33ft approx. from the ground..orientation:North West to South East mentioned earlier

My transreceiver is in the process of homebrewing by a fellow ham from Guwahati,VU3TQF.It may take a few more months to be ready as due to lock down some parts etc are not available.And I will also have to make arrangements for good quality coaxial cables etc for feedlines etc etc.I'm also in constant touch with  hams of our society i.e.Amateur Radio Society Of Assam(ARSA) based in Guwahati ..the capital city of our state Assam for technical expertise.I am also in ouch with other hams of India.

Meanwhile I'm monitoring the amateur bands by my Grundig Yatch Boy 80 with a long wire antenna of 78ft length and 30 ft length of .75 sq mm  multi stranded Copper wire with coaxial lead in.
More reports etc soon.
Geographical Location of (Abhayapuri)(Approx):

Monday, June 1, 2020

Sky & Clouds.. & Sun On The Western Horizon..

Look At The Western Sky
Just Before Sunset

Last Week.....

Sky At The Morning...A Ring Around Sun??

May 29th (2020) in the morning around 0900 Hour IST(Indian Standard Time) from my residence at the Abhayapuri...Looking At The Sky Above...

Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

Monday, May 25, 2020

On A Recent May Morning...In Our Locality

Radhachura In Full Blossom

First Time Spotted In Our Campus

A Variety Of Orchid First Time Spotted In A Mango Tree In Our Campus Never Seen Before.. First Two snaps taken from below...& last two snaps from close ..after falling down ....of a few...Thanks to my cousin he alerted about it.

Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)(VU3WTI)

GK Clicks Recent...

Another Orchid..Variety Long Time Member..But Now From Last Couple Of Seasons In Full Blossom..On The Mango Tree....In Our Campus..

With Best Wishes
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)(VU3WTI)

For Your Eyes Only!!

Seasonal Blossom Of A Variety Of Orchid..On A Jackfruit Tree..In Our Campus At Abhayapuri