Monday, January 8, 2018

Most Improved Station In Terms Of Reception Quality in 2018

Wonderful World Of Radio Propagation  Amateur Radio. Reception
Station from distance was audible ..but station from near not audible..
VU2PQS from Bhubaneswar audible but VU2TUO from Guwahati
This morning i.e.January 8(2018) this morning at my QTH Western Assam
Here is the Video ...

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

All India Radio(AIR)-Chennai Without Hum Now On 4920kHz

AIR Chennai was heard this evening i.e.January 8th(2018) on 4920kHz without any hum by me here in my QTH  Abhayapuri(Assam)  around 1335utc.There is slight co-channel interference from the Chinese regional station.

Here is a video recorded..

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

All India Radio(AIR)-Chennai With Hum On Its Shortwave Frequencies

AIR Chennai was heard with hum last evening i.e.January 7th here in my QTH Abhayapuri(Assam) around 1306utc on 4920kHz.Perhaps the co-channel Chinese Local Radio Station's signal was weak.And this morning i.e.on January 7th ,no hum was audible on 4920kHz though Strong Signal  Chinese Regional Station was audible.And later in the morning nothing audible of AIR-Chennai  on  another morning frequency 7380kHz.Instead , weak signal of another station with reciting from perhaps from the Holy Koran was audible.I guess AIR-Chennai was off the air this morning during my monitoring period.Thanks Jose Jacob(VU2JOS) of NIAR,Hyderabad, .a keen observer plus monitor of All India Radio Stations, reporting about the sever hum   on AIR Chennai shortwave frequencies  in DX Circles.(I also observed that..I thought it was due to some fault in our domestic AC Power supply system or receiver or other reasons but no such hum audible on other frequencies adjacent frequencies or meter bands...thanks for the information.Usually AIR-Chennai is facing severe QRM from co-channel Chinese Domestic Station on 4920kHz. here in mt location in Abhayapuri in Western Assam.But now-a-days in the evening-night due to weak signal from China the signal of AIR-Chennai can be heard well.But for last a few days..this hum problem began...However I didn't check AIR-Chennai on 7380kHz in the morning for a few week or so)
Here is the video that I recorded as mentioned last evening..

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

Happy New Year 2018

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A Few Latest Entries From My Radio Log Cum Note Book

Here is a few recent  monitoring observations for B17 seasons..
Geographical Location of Reception Place(Abhayapuri):
Rx:Grundig YB 400  ANT:40ft lengt. & 30ft ht copper wire with co-axial cable leadin..

Let me first share a few monitoring observations.

Poor Reception Of AWR Wavescan On Sundays:
AWR Wavescan(the DX Program of AWR..on air on sundays for India etc ) was not audible on 15715kHz(via KSDA) & 17730kHz(Via MDC?) during 1600-1630utc on December 10th.And the 1530utc transmission on 11985kHz via SLBC at present off the air.
There has been poor reception of AWR Wavescan on 17730kHz as observed by me on several sundays here in my QTH.And on 15715kHz is not audible.

Voice Of Indonesia. Frequency Shift From 9525kHz:
After several days of satisfactory reception on Voice Of Indonesia between 1000utc onwards on 9525kHz in several langauges including English, the reception quality again de.....and also the same old problem of frequency shifting of VOI on the range >9525-9526kHz has again taken place.Listening to the audio its clear to me that it is not on 9525kHz.

KLNS English Via Madagascar World Voice(MWV):
There has been good reception of KNLS English on 9600kHz during 0200-0256utc now-a-days.And also it has been observed that KNLS English 2nd transmission on 15560kHz during 0300-0356utc is also received here with good signal.But it is facing sideband splatter from a radio station(Chinese?) broadcasting on 15570kHz.

Radio Taiwan International-English on 6185kHz:
There has been good reception of RTI-English on 6185kHz from 1600utc now-a-days as per my monitoring observations on the weekend upto 1622utc or so.There has been weak QRM (sideband splatter) from a radio station broadcasting on 6190kHz.

AIR Regional Shortwave Station Reception Update:
Still on traces of AIR Aizawl on 5050kHz,AIR Kurseong on 4895kHz....As reported in Indian DX Groups..AIR Portblair on 4760kHz is back on also audible here in listening post with fair signal sometime on the evening & night. AIR-Chennai on 4920kHz now can be audible in the evening/night when co-channel Chinese Regional Station becomes weak.

A few recent loggings:
Date:December 12,2017

6035kHz  1033-1049utc  BBS English Strong & clear SIGS OM talk about Buddist Religion announcements,music-English Songs..and SIGS went off in midst of English Song at 1049utc

11610kHz  1059utc-1103utc  RNZI EnglishFair Noisy SIGS Interval SIGS bird calling.male voice with news.etc                                                                                                  
11880kHz 1405utcRVA Bengali  Facing strong co-channel QRM from CRI-English
11920kHz  1445utc  Radio Japan English fair SIGS slightly noisy

9510kHz 1403-1428utc BBC Hindi Loud & Clear

9865kHz 1428-1445utc AIR Vivid Bharati announcements etc..Hawa Mahal-light comedy drama..Good SIGS 

15720kHz 1445-1500utc Radio Japan Hindi News Headlines-feature program Good SIGS brief spell of no SIGS around 1449 approx.but the SIGS came back after a short while

More monitoring observations etc soon.
73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

A Band Scan On Sunday afternnoon..December 3rd..2017

Rx:Grundig YB 400 & ANT:40ft long 30ft ht. Copper wire
9525kHz 1053utc Voice Of Indonesia English Announcement about its website..e-mail idds..various social media platforms..etc by YL..Music..good SIGS
11610kHz..1103utc Radio New Zeland Inlt.English by YL..Fair SIGS Noisy
6035kHz BBS English was on air with back to back English Hits later around 1050utc perhaps but while checking on 1100utc no BBS..but Chinese Station signing on..& also along with English Idd announcement..Yuan Broadcasting..type Idd..not very strong SIGS
 9740kHz 1055utc (to 1106utc several airchecks) BBCWS Good SIGS..strong usually the case for a long time on some BBCWS frequencies.
4750kHz Bangladesh Betar 1103utc(?) English News perhaps..(forgot) GOOD Strong SIGS..
4760kHz.AIR Portblair..After 1100utc Fair SIGS..noisy reception
4970kHz AIR Shillong Good SIGS around same time..
An Interesting Observation*..
 102.6MHz AIR Goalpara AIR FM Rainbow Relay ..around 1046utc..aprrox. closing announcement of program of Adventist Media Centre* by YL..other announcement followed after that..Good SIGS..55555 

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

RRI English to North America (East Coast) in India

Sometimes transmission directed to other target area is well heard in non-target areas.Take this case......Radio Romania International's English transmission to North America (East Coast) during 0100-0156utc on 41mb is well heard here in my location during winter season.And this season the frequency is 7325kHz. Even the reception of one hour transmission directed to India of RRI-English is very poor to not audible as per my monitoring for many seasons..but another half hour transmission later is audible here in QTH in Abhayapuri..
Here is a vedio of of the reception of RRI-English on the  morning of December 12th on 7325kHz...

Working condition..Rx:Grundig YB 400  ANT:40ft lengt. & 30ft ht copper wire with co-axial cable leadin..

73 & 55
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)