Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Pink Brigade Of Our Garden..The Leader..The Rose

Pink Brigade Of Our Garden

Euphorbia milii (also known as the crown of thorns, Christ plant or Christ thorn). a flowering plant in the spurge family Euphorbiaciae


Reflections Of On waters of Kujia Bill At Koya Kujia Eco Park At Lalmati,Abhayapuri late in the afternoon during my recent visit.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Monday, October 28, 2019

Assamese In B19

Here is the schedule of of two International Radio Stations(All Gospel ) broadcasting  in Assamese Language(my mother tongue)
for this winter season of broadcast i.e. B19 with effect from  27 October 2019 to 28 March 2020
(The skd is posted as..station name 
transmitter site power 
time frequency days of broadcast format)

Trans World Radio(TWR) 
KTWR Agana,Guam (250kW) 
1215-1245UTC on 9910kHz (Monday To Friday)

Adventist World Radio(AWR)
via Trincomalee,(Perkara) SLBC (125kW?) 
1330-1400UTC on 11945kHz (Sunday & Wednesday)

More inputs/monitoring updates etc soon.
Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)

Our State Capital City..Guwahati ..

A View From Sarania Hill On October 2nd...(At Gandhi Mandap)
Photography:Gautam Kumar Sharma(GK)